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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

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  2. Titus

    Titus Striker

    Just watched Fury's media workout, around 1:55 he almost repeated his classic self-uppcut :lol:
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  3. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    At least we've got that cracking #Nxtgen card to look forward to :rolleyes:
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  4. TaylorBoosh

    TaylorBoosh Central Defender

    U know what mate if it actually happens making us AJ/match room bottas which I consider myself eat our words like! Good on Tyson and good on Wilder if it happens. Great fight! Love to know the truth about the whole AJ fight though.

    Cordina all the way for me like kids got skills, like Dodd but think cordina will have to much for him.
  5. octopuss gardner

    octopuss gardner Full Back

  6. Dennis

    Dennis Central Defender

    Hearn and McCracken never wanted anything to do with the Bomb Squad. Can't wait for it, wish Fury was still with Uncle Peter though,
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  7. Discopants91

    Discopants91 Striker

    Intriguing fight, big ask for Fury to keep Wilder at bay for 12 rounds after so long out, imagine he'll be taking the next fight a lot more seriously now.

  8. TaylorBoosh

    TaylorBoosh Central Defender

    How do u know that though? They all came out saying they wanted it?
  9. TheBronzeBummer

    TheBronzeBummer Goalkeeper

    Absolutely appalling to read Kovalev vs Alvarez ain’t getting picked up, am pissed off with that. Bivol on the undercard as well, the winners should definitely fight.

    Watching Garcia/Easter Jnr highlights and thinking “wow”, Garcia is outstanding, that Loma fight decides the no.1 fighter of this era arguably. Can’t help but think Easter vs Linares would be a cracker.
  10. Any fight can be made. With the right promoter! ;)

    And looks like Frankie is gonna allow Saunders v Andrade on a grant card

    aye. Add in Garcia last week and forget the other fight 2 weeks ago.

    Sky overseas coverage at the minute is piss poor . All about hearts matchroom love in
  11. Titus

    Titus Striker

    I'd heard it was definitely the next fight after Povetkin and while Eddie will be relieved, I think it's more a case of Wilder trying to take advantage of Fury just coming back tbh. Nonetheless, credit to Fury and agree about Peter.

    That's what happens when people decide Whyte - Parker and the likes are worthy of PPV unfortunately.
  12. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    It's not just the overseas content that is shocking, their regular Sky Sports stuff is pathetic as well.

    A few years ago it was 20 regular shows a year and exceptions where they couldn't happen on normal Sky would be on PPV.

    This year, they have had literally 5 regular fight nights so far and we're now into August. Those 5 have been:

    Khan tune up comeback (30 second blowout), Brook tune up comeback, Ritson-Hyland, Okolie-Chamberlain and Whyte-Browne. A lot were looking forward to that Whyte fight, but Browne came in to it in pathetic shape and as a result we've ended up with no competitive headliners out of those 5.

    They've almost had as many PPVs as they have had regular shows with another one to come soon and this NxtGen filler is absolute bollocks as well. It's a bit like Sky Sports football showing the academy stuff, showing the odd bog standard Burnley vs Brighton match and then the big 6 H2H matches all going on PPV.

    The sport is obviously reaching more people now and a lot more are talking about it and it may well be 'buzzing' but if the options are 6 or 7 regular shows and £120 worth of PPVs and some next gen showcases, I'd personally much rather it went back to how it was.
  13. TaylorBoosh

    TaylorBoosh Central Defender

    Natasha Jonas just totally upset tonight, that’s her and Katie Taylor fight totally gone. Actually got bossed all over Jonas did.
  14. Literally zero fucks given!!!
  15. TaylorBoosh

    TaylorBoosh Central Defender

    Team match room, next gen ;)
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  16. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    Dodd absolutely buzzing at the end after his 120-108, 119-109 defeat. Logical fight for Cordina, but no way should that have been headlining a Saturday night card on Sky Sports. Hate this new model.
  17. Dennis

    Dennis Central Defender

    What's your thoughts on Cordina? 1st time I've seen him, was OK but nothing special IMO
  18. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    Very surprised to hear Sky talking about the possibility of him going in with Ritson, he's nowhere near ready for Ritson yet.
  19. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    Yeah, I kind of agree. I think he's quite decent and has a watchable style with some nice skills - double-jab, feints, but I'm not convinced he'll go much past European, fringe world at best. If he gets a world title it'll be a WBA regular or a planned vacant title with someone purposely moving up.

    That was a good learning fight for him though, not really any statements made but largely in control throughout - just wish it was lower down on a normal sky bill with a good headline fight, but looking at Hearn's stable he seems to only really have top end fighters who he perceives to be PPV or these up and comers and not too much in between, hence what we are getting.

    I'd definitely not put him with Ritson anytime soon either though. Maybe Cardle next or the fight after would make sense.
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  20. Dennis

    Dennis Central Defender

    Berto Alexander a good scrap. Alexander won 5 of the 1st 6 rounds (imo) with 1 knockdown but Berto looking better now

    Alvarez starting well against Kovalev, looks sharp

    Wow get the eff in. 7th round stoppage for Alvarez. Destroyed him. Beautiful 3 knockdowns

    That was incredible. Kovalev was throwing more but Alvarez was just so accurate. Brilliant
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