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Can see whyte getting beat by wallin.
I’m not massive on Whyte but Wallin has fought 2 half decent opponents in 24 fighting Fury and Brezeale, i dont see enough reason in his record to think he should massively trouble and decent heavyweight having said that another ref might have stopped the Fury fight with that cut Wallin gave him with a punch !


i've just watched some ppv where the mountain from game of thrones fought Devan Larratt (top level arm wrestler). from someone who knows nowt about boxing I know it was proper shite
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I’m not a gambling man but I’ve decided Usyk will beat Joshua. I’m going for rounds 8 or 9. That’s where I’m gonna put my money.


Always looked like death on the scales even though he doesn't look that big so might have more pop and stamina at 154lbs. We will soon find out.
He definitely needs to find some power from somewhere because as he stepped up levels he was getting rid of none of them and tiring in latter stages, Avanaseyan was the level too far. First round he murdered Avanaseyan, but did not have the power and stamina to keep it up.