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Discussion in 'SMB' started by houst69, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. garyswc

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    How does his grass allergy manifest itself mate?
  2. TZMouk

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    Met some rescued Staffies over the years that were great blokes mind.
  3. He starts scratching until he draws blood mate and his paws go red raw. Poor little bugger used to love running ahout in the long grass near the AOL as well.
  4. Amnorrageordie

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    <<<<< Billy. Been gone 2 years now. Would have another one the morn from a rescue centre, but they won't give me one cos i live in my caravan.
  5. garyswc

    garyswc Striker

    What a shame, I guess we get our dogs just imagining they won't have any ailments, suppose the vets are busy at least.
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  6. Joe Public

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    Mine (who I rescued from the streets just over 11 years ago) lives with my mam and dad, I get to see her all the time but she had to go and live with them as she snapped at the little’un when she was a baby.

    As she was a rescue I wasn’t sure if her background and what had happened to her before we took her in, and couldn’t take any more risks after the second one.

    She isn’t keen on other dogs sometimes and if one gets too over the top she sharp scares them off, Rottweilers the lot.

    I adore her still and will be gutted when she passes, she’s reaching her final years now but still life in her yet, my parents dote on her too, I’m worried about how they will be when she goes.
  7. socrates

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    mine has the same but its mainly during the summer. Vet says its caused by the pollen off the grass. Like yours he runs through the long grass. Vet gave me steroid tablets that stopped it after4 days or so. After 4 or 5 visits Vet gave me a big bottle of tablets and said to deal with him yourself. Give him correct daily dose until he stops scratching then stop giving them
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  8. Joe Public

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    Got to be careful with the steroids tho, my last lab died from multiple organ failure brought on by steroid injections.
  9. garyswc

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    Great looking dog in your av. We've got a 6 month old wire fox terrier, she's coming on great, game as a badger like.
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  10. Mine has been on steroids for years. He's on the lowest dose but, he has that many allergies, he'd just be scratching his own skin off constantly.
    His organs are strong as an ox's though, apparently.
  11. Jukebox

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    That's our little Welsh Terrier. He is as daft as a brush but with a fabulous temperament.
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  12. garyswc

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    Brilliant.our wft is the same nothing phases her at all she's utterly fearless. We visited the breeder down in Norwich a few times, the day we picked her up we drove for 5 and a half hours coming home and she didn't bat an eyelid, didn't even have a wee until we got home, just 10 weeks old. We are taking her up to North West Northumberland once a week to a specialist dog trainer for one to one training (gun dog expert so other clients are virtually all gun dogs like springers, labs and cockers etc). She's doing great, mostly because she's so confident and playful.
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  13. Jukebox

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    We got our boy from Lancashire, they are show breeders. He isn't the bravest, the first time he saw a squirrel running about in front of him, he sat down and looked up at me as if he wanted me to chase it. We do agility with him, he is quite good at the technical side of it but he isn't very quick. He loves it though.
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  14. garyswc

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    Would have loved a Welsh terrier or the wire fox, just stumbled upon a breeder of the latter.
  15. Jukebox

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    We were originally going to get an Airedale but thought that might be a bit large for our house, so we ended up the the 'little fella'. Daft thing is that we are going to get a Flat-coated Retriever next year, which is only marginally smaller than an Airedale, so we will have two dogs and still be in the same house. Who would have thunk it:)
  16. garyswc

    garyswc Striker

    An airedale around the corner from us, Sidney he's called. Massive even by Airedale standards, his head is huge. Amazing looking dog, about 5 now. Mega boisterous towards other large dogs though, he's not had his nads off which might contribute to his behaviour.
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  17. Jimmer13

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    Rent your's out do you nice one? We have a border collie.......really intelligent boy's need loads Of exercise......unless you board them!

    Good one fella! Made me chuckle :lol::lol:

    Used to have a Beagle.......fantastic lad. Used to take him running off lead,. Only way to get him to follow me rather than his nose on the scent.

    Was as soon as he started to really go tail up change direction and shout bye then. He caught on after a few weeks and just nose down tail up but in sight other way.

    Had some bloody good runs out. Only ever saw another beagle the same trained in a similar way by another runner. Since we list our lad to cancer seen loads out on walks, but not trusted off lead.

    Oh and they are pigs for food, if not quick enough he would have your dinner off your plate even though he knew would get told off!

    That food was too yummy for him!
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  18. That almost made sense, despite every third word missing
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  19. niceonemarra

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    He is usually on medication marra - the king of kings.
  20. Jimmer13

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    Oh excellent I'll try much harder next time to feck it up even more. If every third word is missing and it made sense.

    Then will try leaving more out, after all do not want you to sit on your laurel! Got to be uncomfortable with the stick up there. Not having you blaming for me for that as well

    If you don't like it fella just ignore it. No problems!
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