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Discussion in 'SMB' started by houst69, Dec 5, 2018.

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    That's kinda my point though, you should at least try, as you did. I'm the same had rescue dogs all my life, only had 1 that sadly had to go back, still makes those that have settled worth it, and it's still worth trying.

    It's a hill I'm willing to die on because I honestly don't see how people can buy a puppy when there's poor ones that need homes in shelters. You can even rescue puppies if people are that desperate for one. Worth mentioning that you can also get ones that have been perfect dogs their whole lives just had owners that have died or had to move away etc. There's plenty suitable dogs you just need to do your research, it's made much easier if you go to a large rescue place like the Dogs Trust.

    At the very least people should check out the shelters before buying a puppy.
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    Border Terrier

    Border Terrier

    Border Terriers

    Had Labs, worked with them, then went smaller in size but character wise, BT's are utterly brilliant.
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    Got a 13 year old. Hes had a hard paper round. Suffers from fits alot due to epilepsy and has a meat allergy. Need alot of walking and they struggle in the heat.
    Having said that. I would highly reccomend you getting one. Best natured dogs ever and easy to train. Like one of the family, and very clever. Do it...
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    Our lass (no) had one a few years back. It ate it's way though a partition wall if that helps you decide!
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    we're on our second golden retriever now. Beautiful, loving, intelligent, easy to train, obedient, trusting, interesting, however........shitloads of hair and fluffbunnies tumble weeding around the house. Still prefer her to my bairns.
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    It's all down to taste like. It I just don't like the look of them. Too small and wiry fur. Prefer larger dogs with softer fur.
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    You're all a bunch of dog nonces. ;)

    Cracking dogs labs. Never had one but if I were to ever get another dog a Lab would be 2nd choice only to a Staff (I'm a Staff lover, have been since a bairn). I've never met a Lab that wasn't soft as shite so I'm guessing they're easy to train and socialise with good temperaments. Probably the reason they're dog-of-choice for Blind Dogs.

    Labrador Retriever - Wikipedia
  8. Do blind dogs have guide dogs? Never knew that. Still, every day is another opportunity to learn.
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    Wanker Jimmy Krankie more like. :cool:

    Y'nar what I meant.
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    Almost right, correct answer is obviously a Patterdale.
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    I had one, she was a right character, would love another one.
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    Labs are water dogs, 2 coats, shed a lot. Don't get me wrong, they're great had 2 & fostered 1 for a year, 1 from working stock, great smaller type of Lab, last one from show line, beautiful dog but a bit thick. I am now a radicalised Terrier owner. The little twat I have now is a joy to have around but he is a proper terrier. Nothing that gets within his range is safe, his count so far is 1 rat, 2 moles, an unwary starling & a mouthful of squirrel tail but he made it up the tree! He's not a year yet...

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    sadly my Harry passed away this year , had only turned 6 , was like Marley n Me , dragged on for months trying to save him, in the end we were given 15 minutes alone with him in vets before put to sleep , amazing how badly it hits you , as said its genuinely like losing a child

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    I miss Bonzo not only a dog but my best mate as well, cried buckets when his time was up.
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  15. Mine has had every ailment going. He's had cancer twice and still got growths everywhere, he's allergic to most foods (which is a real problem for the greedy little bugger), allergic to grass, he's had arthritis since he was a puppy and on constant steroids for a lifelong skin condition.
    Love him to bits though and he's still a happy little fella even thlugh he's 11 and knackered.
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  16. I've got a black one, 4 years old. He's an absolute maniac and will attack any dog that comes in his vicinity. It's an absolute bastard walking him constantly looking for other dogs. A couple of times this year a couple of dogs have come running up from afar and he just dives on top of them and pins them down. Still destroys stuff too, he'd raked the bin all over the kitchen yesterday, I didn't detect a hint of remorse from him.
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    As others have said, Labs are very prone to putting on weight, main reason being that they do not have a shut off valve when it comes to scoffing food. Put something down, and they'll eat it.

    So if you or your Mrs are soft in the dog treats/food area, then you'll end up with a right waddler
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    I have a Lab, and I also foster for a lab rescue organization, so I've seen a lot of labs.

    Labs are great dogs, but people have correctly identified the issues: boredom and food intake. You need to keep them exercised, ideally in a way they find mentally stimulating. Otherwise they will destroy things: shoes, furniture, clothing, dog beds, carpets, just about anything shreddable. You also cannot leave food - or anything that even smells like food, including empty food packing - outside a closed cabinet or a bin with a locking lid. They will open it and eat all of it. Mine has had some pretty nice exploits: an entire pot roast, twenty raw sausages, and a couple similar ones. My wife (no) had one as a kid that ate socks - and he was otherwise a smart dog. (There is an upside to this: the food-motivation is so strong that you can train labs to do just about anything using even small bits of food scraps.)
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    That was my plan, but there was nothing available that attracted me in the least.

    The vast majority were big ugly things and various bull terrier crosses that appeared to be the sort of thing that brainless yobs had bought as penis extensions and then couldn’t or wouldn’t deal with them properly.
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    Well lads to my 1st post, I have put my name down for a Golden Lab, mother is in labour as we speak, bringing him home hopefully in Feb
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