Kurt Cobain’s Guitar


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Rode Microphones founder Peter Freedman (the new owner) said he planned to take the guitar on a worldwide tour, with proceeds to go to supporting the performing arts.

Nice idea to do something positive with his new purchase although I'm not sure on how it would work.

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This isn’t the same guitar that Frances Bean Cobain have to her ex husband, then Courtney Love and Zak from “13 Reasons Why” tried to arrange his murder to get it back, I assume?

Yup she gave it to her then husband at the time, and when they divorced ,off he went with it ,a few years later he puts it up for auction ,He's now set up for life ,if she has admitted giving it to him she's knackered ,any court will throw the case out .

But what was she thinking???
I believe the auction winner has bought it to loan to an exhibition so many people will benefit from seeing it in that way
See, the sad thing about this is that it's just another guitar in a glass case. I'm not fuckin' interested to be honest. Well I am, 'cos I love guitars, but I'm not.

I was in New York last year and on my visit to the Met I had planned to have a look at their instruments of rock exhibition. They had all manner of guitars there... Elvis's Martin used on Sun recordings, Buddy Holly's leather wrapped acoustic, Page's Black Beauty and Number One Les Pauls, Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstein, Clapton's Blackie etc etc. Unfortunately, by the time I'd looked at the paintings I wanted to see and made my way round to this guitars, I found that queue to get in was absolutely ridiculous so I sacked it off. At the end of the day - they were only guitars in glass cabinets.

Personally - I'd much rather see them being played at a distance, than up close doing nothing in a case. Loan them out to musicians like what happens with Stradivarius violins.

OR what would be even more amazing - what if the instruments went on tour, and you could pay to book a slot to have a jam with it.

I dinnar. It's just sad these legendary instruments are sat doing fuck all.


I kind of get the sentiment in that. A guitar that is not played and only on display is not really an instrument anymore. Though I think if the public were allowed to play it then it would last 6 months before it got wrecked. But maybe it is better for this kind of instrument to burn out than to fade away