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Discussion in 'SMB' started by mason, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. mason

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    Cheers everyone, just been googling a few of these. Look bloody lush.
  2. pavarotti1980

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    Just hijacking this thread a little bit.

    Any of you seasoned travellers give an idea of how much cash to take to Krakow for 3 nights. One of mates said about £500 (2500zl) which seems a bit extravegant.
  3. I took about £150 for two nights, but about £80 of that was one way taxi to Auschwitz (had to get there early for full day tour) and airport (I'd get the train next time for the airport).
  4. pavarotti1980

    pavarotti1980 Midfield

    My first thoughts were about £50-75 per day. Auschwitz is alread paid inc travel so i would be living the high life
  5. End of thread really.
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  6. Pop

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    Or do ten minutes research, save time and go to places you know you will like.
  7. James

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    That's enough if you're just going out for pints and bait like a normal person. These people spending 500 benk on a weekend break can't get away much or have more money than sense. I couldn't spend half of that if I tried man, you'd have to be going daft.
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  8. That will be absolutely fine. I've travelled to Poland about 15 times across 7 years (ooh look at me!) and never spent more than that per day.
  9. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Coke and rippers would eat that in krakow mind. Think I spent about 180 in 3 days last time there and was ratted the whole time
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  10. pavarotti1980

    pavarotti1980 Midfield

    £200 worth of zloty and cash card for any rippers :)
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  11. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Do not pay in rippers with a card in poland
  12. Farfrom Athletic

    Farfrom Athletic Full Back

    Unless it’s your mates card.

    My recommendation for the strippers in Krakow is Diamonds :eek:
  13. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    I got scammed in wroclaw just before Xmas like :)
  14. Farfrom Athletic

    Farfrom Athletic Full Back

    So no doubt will heed my advice in future :)

    We had them trying to send bottles of Vodka and Champagne over to us in Budapest, weren’t happy when we wouldn’t take them and got asked (warned) to leave.
  15. Discopants91

    Discopants91 Striker

    They'll even charge your phone behind the bar so you can make a bank transfer to them on your Halifax app.

    So I'm told...
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  16. Someone I know reckons they gave the stripper their card to charge and they took 4k. Not entirely sure if they're fibbing like but it's possible.
  17. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Just double payments I got back from the bank for me

    Never had any hassle in Prague, bratislava, Krakow, Warsaw or Budapest mind
  18. Apparently they can just type how much they need to take so its open to fraud. This was in St Julians (paceville) in Malta mind.
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  19. turtleiris

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    This. Fucking beautiful.
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  20. Beaker

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    Traditional polish food is fucking class man .

    Our lass is doing a git Wass pan of Bigos tomorrow and I'm salivating at the mere thought of it .

    Cannot wait to get back to Wroclaw in the summer, sat outside in the sun by the Ratusz necking pints and downing shots with the missus. Loads of Pierogi ruskie and smalec.

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