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Kodi help

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Seaham Towny, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Pallion exile

    Pallion exile Central Defender

    My Kodi kept crashing when I was in SM today, I'm on Plusnet, anyone else have problems with them?
  2. mackemdave

    mackemdave Midfield

    no vpn needed ? if you don't mind sending me a pm with who you use that would be great

  3. Wicksy

    Wicksy Midfield

    The nets closing in on SM imho - nee chance of getting anything using the web site now - Kodi boxes will be next to get blocked
  4. It does feel that way, especially as they aren't taking brand new subscribers (new accounts). Hopefully it's just payment issues.
  5. ontap

    ontap Winger

    you been very lucky mate , techkings is swimming with loads of both users and resellers who were blocked.
  6. Where's the best place to get decent he links nowadays please? Tried exodus for the first time in a while and nowt decent at all
  7. ontap

    ontap Winger

    exodus is virtually finished it had its last official update recently , there are a couple of replacements,
    posiedon,covenant,genesis reborn and boxset kings.
    seo-michael has tutorials on how to install them all.

    you only had ut a week haven't you ? if you got it from amazon I would consider sending it back and maybe get a zgemma ? £55:lol:
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017
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  8. Spot on cheers. I'l have a look
  9. Fairly new to all this malarkey. I have an ultimate mania and on-tapp subscription. How the fuck do I link them together? :lol:
  10. ontap

    ontap Winger

    UM have brought out their own guide its in the repo under either video addons or program addons
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  11. Managed to get it kind of working, cheers.

    But, any idea why I'm not seeing the full guide?


    Not sure the photo is uploading. But the list of TV channels down the left, and the details on bottom aren't showing. Just the actual program lists in blue, and the mini screen in bottom left.
  12. hank williams

    hank williams Striker


    Utter rubbish

    Man City
    Spurs this weekend now for Man Utd on sm

    All without a flicker
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  13. ontap

    ontap Winger

    not sure mate , maybe one of the UM/SM lads can help @Sleepy

    so you not using vpn hank ?
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  14. Shangri La

    Shangri La Winger

    they;ve said the browser will be back in a fortnight.
  15. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    It's open it was onlynblocked yesterday when the pl was on

    Not on my browser never saw that bit :oops:

    Browser working now
  16. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Just checked with my uncle in the UK, no VPN and everything working for the footy - ISP specific blocks?
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  17. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    They opened all the channels too after the uproar yesterday
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  18. Carteron

    Carteron Midfield

    Cant see the photo but I think I had th is same issue. Go into Video Settings in Kodi, and turn off the setting for mediacodec (or something like that). Should only be one setting with that in the name. Did the job for me
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  19. No7

    No7 Central Defender

    Starstreams :cool:
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  20. Maxie

    Maxie Striker

    I know Exodus is on its way out and wont be updated, but loads of people are saying that its basically gone now. Im still getting loads of links through on it to loads of stuf (using my RD account). Havent needed to use another addon yet.

    But, if and when i do, what Exodus like addons utilise RD accounts??

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