Kid from peterlee gets golden buzzer on americas got talent

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Aituk7, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Aituk7

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  2. Scotsmackem

    Scotsmackem Striker

    Canny voice on her like
  3. Boz33

    Boz33 Winger

    That was brilliant that mind
  4. gardni

    gardni Midfield

    Didn't expect that, saying that with it being peterlee I'm not sure what I was expecting
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  5. SteveFTM

    SteveFTM Striker

    Wow what a voice!
  6. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    That was outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck to the lass, not that she needs it.

    The whole performance.
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  7. SteveFTM

    SteveFTM Striker

    I love owt like that me
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  8. She was on The Voice.
  9. I found it unbelievably irritating ...

  10. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that’s what music is all about.
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  11. SteveFTM

    SteveFTM Striker

    That's the great thing about music, it's a matter of taste, it's so diverse.
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  12. Cowvahlo

    Cowvahlo Striker

    Haven’t looked at the link but does she sing a heart wrenching ballad about pasties, buses and being stranded?
  13. sadsack01

    sadsack01 Midfield

    When she first started, I thought it looked like she wasn't really singing.

    Fair play to her though, fantastic voice!!
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  14. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    Fair enough, lass from Peterlee on americas got talent as we accept chinese, poles etc on ours.
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  15. MunkyHeed

    MunkyHeed Striker

    Magnificent. Fair play to her. To go from shaking like a shitting dog to completely unleashing the beast is some accomplishment.
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  16. Smartin

    Smartin Midfield

    Wow, the gullible crew are out in force...

    All a set up for the mindless sheep. Already been on a tv show, show flew her out, picked the song, staged the performance and looked amazed at her scripted brilliance...
  17. SteveFTM

    SteveFTM Striker

    America’s Got Talent wonder kid came close to winning The Voice Kids

    Never seen her before, but you're right it's not the first time she's been on stage, still a canny voice though.
  18. Marcosplace

    Marcosplace Striker

    She would turn up at the Dun Cow in Seaton Village last year, with her Dad for the buskers night. She stunned everyone. Extremely powerful voice. Her Dad is the least pushy parent and a good lad.
  19. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    On the one hand I really enjoyed the performance, on the other I think they saw her on the voice and got her to go on this and it was very set up. Mel didn't ask where the girl was from which was weird.
    The golden buzzer seemed preordained.

    As for her voice it is quite reedy and needs more breadth and depth and her performance was little more than a karaoke version of Janice Joplin. Being able to mimic JJ is not the same as being the creative genius that was JJ.

    All that being said she seems a lovely girl and very entertaining.
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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Obviously got what it takes
    Strange you need the talent show route when you're that good
    Lack of decent agents spotters AnR etc I'd imagine

    That's the problem ,the industry now is looking for the next (insert any name )
    rather than original talent ,her voice will develop ,she could even damage it if she's not careful

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