Keith Charlton


RIP Keith, I didn’t know him but like George I think anyone who’s been to any amount of Sunderland games will have seen him around. No age at all that, hope he’s watching the lads from above, thoughts are with his friends and family.
"We're gannin to Roker Park, we're gannin to Roker Park, we're stopping off at Town End Farm, we're going to Roker Park"

I always remember him singing that on the buses on the day back from away games when I used to travel with the supporters club back in the mid-late 90s.
Broke my bloody heart today deleting his telephone number

That's when it really hits home
That's something I've never done I've still got mates in my phone that are no longer with us .
I actually phoned Streaker on the morning of the day I found out that he'd gone too before I knew.
Horrific feeling when I found out about him.