Keith Charlton

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Best or worst of Keith story was the Bristol airport incident

He was refused by airport staff to be allowed on the plane cause they thought he was pissed

Niall Quinn who I think was on the same flight paid for the lads taxi fare home
Same thing happened to him in the ground when we played Seattle on the 2005 pre-season tour. Bar staff refused to serve him as they thought he was drunk. He managed to get around it as a couple of lads bought him one.



Central Defender
I met Keith on a pre-season tour in Canada and America in 05-ish. He was a top lad. I cannot believe he's gone, as someone said earlier he only posted the cup tickets a couple of days ago. :(


Central Defender
Keith Charlton, what can I say? A lovely lovely lad, a harmless and sensitive person, friendly, passionate and a true supporter....probably one of the best fans of our club I have ever had the pleasure to meet and travel with. Been to many places with this fella and and quite honestly say he would do anything and go anywhere to be with his beloved team and his ‘loony bunch of friends’ who always would look after him.
RIP Keith, the ‘Hats’ will miss you mate, sincere condolences to his family. A sad loss to our Sunderland Football Club family.
Shit man what a shock!

Like everyone else, stunned and very much saddened by this news. My wife and I used to go to all the home and away games in the late 90's and most of the 00's and Keith was at every game and we always had a bit craic. And as we were daft too, used to see him at most home games too when it was at New Ferens Park (and that crazy one at York City's ground when Robinson was in Goal for Leeds!!).

RIP Keith, much love Marra x

Captain Deltic

This is so sad news, Muscular Dystrophy is a twat (I have a form of it myself) and this kind of thing always takes the best folk away early. 45 is not an age to go, I already commented on a lovely tribute on facebook. I never really knew him but saw him every away game I went to and he always said hello. Came across as a lovely lad and his loyalty was phenomenal
R.I.P. Keith
Anyone know if Keith had anything to do with the fans museum please?
Didn't know Keith but I saw him about 10 dayys in the bridges with the museum lot , did see him at a talk in with Niall Quinn many years ago , just before it started , nq asked for all phones to be turned to silent , he started to speak and right on que Keith's phone went off ! Obviously a top bloke , amazing show of respect on here

ac arundez

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Took a couple of days to post this after finding out about Keith. I find it hard to believe I’ll not see him about at another Away day or home match or SAFC gig involving the museum. Whilst I wasn’t close, he always nodded and said alright mate. However there was a day when we shared one of the most surreal moments for me as an SAFC fan the day before my first born daughter was born in the museum when I was on ground floor of the library. A moment I’ll treasure forever and long story short he sorted me out with a photograph that I never thought I’d see again, let alone on the off chance I popped in to the museum that morning, June 18th 2016. That photo is one that will stay with me forever and you won’t ever know what your kindness that day meant. For that Keith I thank you.

RIP mate and keep the red flag flying high...

Bob Fleming

I will admit to coming across this thread and giving it a nod to a lads fan who had passed but not thinking much more about it as I didn't know him. Then today seeing a photograph of him and realising I recognised him as just one of those faces you saw everywhere with Sunderland.

RIP lad.
Horrible news the other day this mind

I didn't know him or ever speak to him but I recognised him straight away. He was a steward and I regularly saw him at away days and service stations down the country following us. One of those faces you recognised and I think he knew me because he kinda did a nod once or twice in my direction.

No age either. RIP.