Keith Charlton

It was in the first 15 minutes of the start of the programme. It was the Chairman of the Boldon Branch, called either Frank or Fred, I think.
Thanks. Know fred well, just switched it on

@Cack Stottie I switched off at 17.56 so in the first hour x
Thanks very much

Just putting together an article with @marsey about our mate Keith that'll be up tomorrow on Roker Report.

I encourage you all to share any funny stories you have of Keith, I'd like to include them in the piece where possible.
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Roker Report pays tribute to instantly recognisable life-long Sunderland supporter Keith Charlton, who sadly passed away this week at the age of just 45. Like most regular match-goers, I found myself completely stunned when news reached me on Tuesday night that well-known Sunderland supporter Keith Charlton had passed away. Keith - who was just 45...

More at Roker Report...

Rip Van Fish

Nor me. Pinching the daft wooly hat off the top of his head on my way into the ground has been a matchday tradition for years! He'll be sadly missed.
Or the “out of order” train sticker placed upon him on the way back from Stoke whilst he was sending the zzzzzzzzzeds out


Rest in peace, Keith Charlton - one of the most passionate Sunderland supporters that ever lived

Give this a read - hopefully conjures up some good memories and gives you all a laugh.
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