Kehtcuf Geimpas - sad news

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Bob Fleming

Ah no what sad news. He seemed like such a lovely bloke and always happy to help people out.

Seemed like he had a good old life out there and a loving family too. Must be a hard time for them but they've been lucky to have had such a nice fella in their lives.

RIP Ketchup lad!


Very sad news.
My thoughts are with his family and friends and those who shared his tragically shortened life. RIP fella.

not spavin

Ah no. Terrible news, he'll be a big miss around these parts, an SMB institution.

Thoughts are with his loved ones, I'll raise a glass tonight.
Only just seen this thread. I've been following the other thread and wishing everyone well in their battles with this horrible disease. I'm gutted that "ketchup" didn't win the battle in the end but he fought it bravely with everything he had and that's all anyone could ask. More than that in fact, he gave hope, inspiration and encouragement to others on here who were and are battling the same thing. If I or anyone I know personally ever gets this awful disease I can only hope that we can fight it as valiantly, bravely and with as much spirit as ketchup did, he's an absolute star, came across as a top lad and his family and friends must be so proud of his fight and of his life. Another of us has gone but it's simply another who will never be forgotten. RIP fellow red and white, I hope you enjoy watching us from the prime seats up there.


RIP to a great poster.

Hopefully him, Hazey and Blep will be having a Maxim or two up there tonight.
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