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Kasabian's new song lyrics - jesus wept!

Discussion in 'SMB' started by cluffy, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Steak Pie

    Steak Pie Striker

    They've always been fucking shite, I thought everyone knew this? Even Kasabian fans know it, don't they? :confused:
  2. Rueben Agboula

    Rueben Agboula Midfield

    Not a massive kasabian fan but you sound like somewhat of a music snob
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  3. Ras Kassiano

    Ras Kassiano Striker

    what a bunch of wallies

    Mr Bean co-wrote this one you know. he's been moonlighting for the Leicester lads all these years
  4. shogun1904

    shogun1904 Striker

    I don't like kasabian but haway enlighten us with your musical knowledge. Who do you like?
  5. j.w

    j.w Striker

    Here we go :lol:

    Love it when the music snobs come out, they are worse than the 'wankers' who listen to the shite music
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  6. Brilliant live act, hope they do the SOL this year
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  7. j.w

    j.w Striker

    Calm down Stubber
  8. :lol:

    I bet they though they were channelling Morrissey or Dylan when they wrote it as well.
  9. Bamber

    Bamber Winger

    The jury is out on an unreleased song I see... :rolleyes:
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  10. Tadger

    Tadger Striker

    For the record I think Kasabian and bands of that ilk are shite but then a lot of the music I like isn't exactly Bach.

    Give me a lagered up lad enjoying Club Foot or whatever than a soppy twat pontificating along to The Smiths any day.
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  11. Dendinho

    Dendinho Striker

    I just got the scene from Game on where Matt is in the band:D

    I'm in the streets, I'm in the gutter,
    Its years since I've had Bread and Butter


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  12. West Ryder

    West Ryder Midfield

    What the OP has left out of his post is that the song is a piss take punk-esque song about drunken ramblings where you are up all Night talking rubbish thinking you're sounding sensible.

    But you know, why would you tell the truth when you have an agenda?!
  13. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat Striker

    I like em
  14. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Canny turn if they're a mickey take act, which I think they are.

    JAZZMANB Striker

    once every 5 years on google earth and street view
    Whatever cannyness they have and i'll admit they can play and know a hook they lose by their awful pretentious "rark and rowl" banter "cummmmonnnnnaaa!..and the Pirate outfits
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  16. errant

    errant Striker

    don't spoil a good thread with facts...
    i think you can pick holes in almost every "great lyricists" works...
  17. First album was OK. I like the last song, the ending evokes feelings of being in a submarine for some reason. Maybe it's the drugs, I'm offa my tits here ladz.
  18. It's nee Ke$ha and Pitbull mind.
  19. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Aye, HUGE agenda - having a laugh at Kasabian. Call the FBI it's a conspiracy
  20. Pop

    Pop Striker

    I bet you like The Enemy and The Twang as well?
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