Just passed an unmarked car with a camera on top

Discussion in 'SMB' started by oROSSo, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. BlackOps

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    Nowt fancy really. Standard on a VRS. Cars are as they are sold in the showroom

    Never seen a golf in operation. Think some forces down south use them. Would love to see one marked up
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  2. itscoldinhere

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    There's a golf GTi unmarked in Sunderland it drives right on your bumper baiting you too speed then pulls youover and does you for speeding :lol:
  3. I was just being facetious nothing to get upset about ;)
  4. pavarotti1980

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    dont worry im not upset :lol:
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  5. Mr Redknapp

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    Op ;)
  6. My Left Foot

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    See quite a few unmarked cars on the A19. See a Navy X5 quite regular and there was a car pulled by an unmarked 3 Series near Seaham a while back, and I've also seen a 5 Series. They all seem to have the camera on the roof which is a giveaway.
  7. mcq10

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    Great north road in gosforth last night and the police were in an unmarked Ford Focus.

    They’d pulled a bloke over into the bus lane and had the blue lights going from the grills of the car.

    Never seen such a small unmarked police car. Austerity cuts are really starting to hit Northumbria police :lol:

    STUMPY Subs Bench

    Was defo a golf, either black or that dark blue that vw do, mate reckons it may be a golf r, must admit it was rapid caught up with me in no time.
    Funny you should say that someone else in washy said the exact same. Thats bordering on entrapment not to mention stopping distances. Would love to see someone ram the anchors on and him to rear end them. How would they explain that one away. Like i said before did not see a camera mounted on the roof, but there is defo one somewhere as he showed me a short video on his tablet/ipad of me going past him.
  9. Smartin

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    Does anyone know what that Nissan Juke (think it’s a juke) is? It’s white, has a camera on top of it, has speed camera badges on, Ive seen it driving about and parked in the enterance of sunniside multi story car park.
  10. Maxnormal

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    Council parking eye camera. Normally send it out on school run times to catch people on double yellows.
  11. Jimmer13

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  12. Smartin

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    Oh right, a mobile traffic warden, a cûnt on wheels then.
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  13. The Fitter

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    One of many jokes that we pay for available from the police.
    I see you have tell the police by law if you run over a cat, which is obviously more important than assault, burglary, treason ect.
  14. Might be an ST ;)
  15. itscoldinhere

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    don't have to report cats
  16. Change in the law means you do now (or is coming in soon)
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  17. pavarotti1980

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    Nothing official yet.

    There has been a proposal (Cats Bill) which is yet to be considered in parliament as a private member's bill seeking amendments to the Road Traffic Act. There isn't a date for its discussion.

    I get it's important for cat owners but seriously it's not like there is anything important going on politically for them that should be taking priority :eek:
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