Just passed an unmarked car with a camera on top

Discussion in 'SMB' started by oROSSo, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Bishop Boy

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    There is indeed, he drove a lot more than that before disappearing from view.

    Now I've started looking, it is amazing how many potential organ donors are out there without the seatbelt done up properly.
  2. Mental the amount of unmarked cars kicking about on the 690. I’ve seen an unmarked black merc pull someone over, a white x6 and a grey Skoda in a very short period of time.
  3. See ham biscuit2

    See ham biscuit2 Full Back

    good, the limit is 50 due to all the junctions and crossovers

    ive just got dashcams fitted because i am now using the road every day and its full of morons doing 70 and above
  4. One of these would have prevented it.;)

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  5. pavarotti1980

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  6. BlackOps

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    Wont be any organs worth keeping. Doctors dont usually like it when they are picked up and put in the bag. Not wearing a seat belt makes a mess
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  7. duff_man

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    It might be to do with TISPOL which is the european traffic police network. They have european wide events throughout the year focusing on safety issues. This week might be seatbelts or insurance/licence if it’s ANPR led.
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  8. See ham biscuit2

    See ham biscuit2 Full Back

    Theres 2 of them a silver one and a black one. Seen them both at houghton cut on my way home from work helping a broken down vehicle westbound
  9. super noodles

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    Was it blurry with the word "crime" written on it?
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  10. Hue Jorgan

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    Nah the google map fellas have a massive camera on the roof, looks like a load of flared speakers strapped in a circle on a massive tripod
  11. Spennymackem1981

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    traffic police = wankers
  12. STUMPY

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    There is a dark coloured vw golf patrols up and down the A1231 in washington, it pulled me a few weeks ago and there was only one officer in it. Im not sure if its got one of those anpr cameras on the roof though, mind that might be something to do with the speed i went past him at
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  13. sidneyeric

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    That's an operation Dragoon officer.
  14. STUMPY

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    Whats operation dragoon when its at home ?
  15. Check out the callipers on that. Nice to know the plod have fancy brakes on their cars when knife crime is out of control. Full marks on the budget spending.
  16. Mr Redknapp

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  17. STUMPY

    STUMPY Subs Bench

    Who is that aimed at ??
  18. MackemRocker

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    thats because they were hidden marra ;)
  19. pavarotti1980

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    That will be the standard brake calipers on all the VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat hot hatches then. Nothing that fancy about them. I have them on mine

    Not sure how saving on a car reduces knife crime?..........
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  20. Hopefully. Could make millions for the coffers if these came about. £250 first offense. £1k for second. £5k + years ban for third.

    Only after they've completed the course on how to be condescending, patronising wankers obviously.
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