Just moved to Perth....

Discussion in 'Western Australia' started by Willy Whitewesh, Jan 11, 2014.

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  1. Willy Whitewesh

    Willy Whitewesh New Member

    ...from Sunderland via Melbourne. Can anyone recommend where the SAFC match might be shown tonight?. I'm in hotel in the CBD for the first couple of weeks, so I don't have the red button!
  2. tootymackeminoz

    tootymackeminoz Central Defender

    welcome to oz....
    the southampton game this Saturday is on the big screen at the casino sports bar at 8.45pm
  3. Blackcatwaz

    Blackcatwaz Winger

    Aye, as Brian says, welcome to Perth. The Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Lake Street Northbridge will also show the Southampton match this Saturday.

    If u are keen we (The West Ozz SAFC Supporters club) are meeting Sat Feb 1st at The Elephant & Wheelbarrow to watch us kick the fuck out of the maggots up the road. Get yerself in for a pint and meet up with other exiled Mackems..
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