Just Grassed Me Missus Up

Got a letter from the cops asking for the driver of the car (registered in my name) doing 35 MPH in a 30 zone.
Being a gent, I was tempted to take the fine for her but thought that might be worse if they checked their pic.

Would you have grassed on your missus?

Speaking of pics, and grass, here she is -
Risk jail time if you didnt .perverting the course of justice.

double maxim

Would depend on the penalty points/brownie points/leverage situation. :lol:

Pretty shan if you have the opportunity to avoid her getting a ban in all honesty.

I doubt they would look into the picture forensically for a speeding ticket. I would struggle to recall who was using what car on any given day so you could easy say you made a mistake if they did click on, If her silly little citroen is blocking me in and i'm out the house first i'll often just that and she uses mine.