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Discussion in 'SMB' started by PhilSAFC, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. 12 mile around trip but the wife (no) swears she fills the car when it's low on diesel, I beg to differ mind
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  2. Dmac1969

    Dmac1969 Winger

    My car has a 73 litre tank and costs over £80 to fill and doesnt even give 300 miles of range lol , mind you its only been filled to the top once and that was by the garage on the day I bought it. (Nissan 370Z Nismo 339bhp)
  3. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    I get anywhere between 300 and 320 off 45 litres.

    1.6l petrol.

  4. £45 roughly to fill up, get 240-260 miles out of it (Petrol Nissan Juke) absolutely shite MPG but lasts me 10 days or so usually
  5. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    Anywhere between £120 and £150 per pay packet on fuel. Wounded. :neutral:
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  6. Malloy

    Malloy Central Defender

    20 quid petrol gets me about 150 miles
  7. bennett83

    bennett83 Winger

    I'd get 550 miles for that but I drive a normal car and don't drive like a bellend
  8. Malloy

    Malloy Central Defender

    Bleached and trimmed now iirc
  9. Iballistic George

    Iballistic George Central Defender

    15 quid gives me nearly 200 miles .
  10. Bloody hell that's expensive for diesel :eek:
  11. WhoAreYa73

    WhoAreYa73 Midfield

    Full tank gets me roughly 430 mile, even though it’s never below the half way mark before I fill back up.
  12. Lukas73

    Lukas73 Winger

    Nowt wrong with that....
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  13. Could you really be arsed traipsing round looking for a couple of pence off?
  14. I’ve just been to the gym in the boys ,canny little car .nippy
  15. What do you get in the work motor? 20kg/minute on a run? Rolls Royce engines? :lol:

    I don't think I even got that. I didn't want to check. :lol:
    I don't really see the point monitoring your fuel consumption. Will it make you change your driving style, or drive less? :lol:
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  16. daveyc

    daveyc Winger

    Anyone who gets over 30mpg is either driving an owld mans’ diesel or a lasses car.
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  17. cost more driving there man
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  18. V2500 shite. Can get about 2500 between refills, but they cost 15 grand.
  19. :lol: Wait till @Frijj sees those figures. :eek:

    And will instantly make you dull. Might as well change your name to Nigel.
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  20. Skandhaless

    Skandhaless Striker

    Me too Audi 1.6 TDI 60mpg +:cool:
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