July 18th live footy on tv

Saw it twice at Durham as they changed the page half way through!

John Lennon's lyrics to A Hard Day's Night scribbled on the back of an old birthday card amused me.
I knew he was good, but didn't realise his lyrics were incorporated into the Lindisfarne Gospels. Obviously rated in high places! Mind, Lindisfarne were nivva in the shem league as the Beakles....
Cheers, Scorefrom, la. You too. And yes, I'm actually quite well, thanks for asking!

Staying with our best marras in Friern Barnet, far north! Hopefully venturing to the British Library at some point with me marra, while the lasses either stay home & natter or gan shopping somewhere vile (I've wanted to gan to the BL for years: it's a bibliophile paradise!), take in whatever painting exhibitions take our fancy (marra is an artist & is a member of arl the major galleries & the RA) then gan to the India Club, Strand. That's the plan. Usually arl gans to pot once we've had a few & start tarkin bollocks, ha, ha.
Sounds a canny trip ( especially the India Club) ;)