Jozy picked as worst PL signing


He was definitely the worst striker in premier but propably not worst overall player.

What ruined his reputation was us constantly playing him, at any other club he would have played 10 times then been sold or loaned out till his contract ran out.


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I assumed it was based upon some slightly xenophobic belief that it was an American term and that they know not about football so it wasn't worth reading any further.

Obviously I was wrong and you are actually anti-English language. Apologies
Clearly hes not very bright or funny for that matter but I think he thinks he is both.


I see Michael Owen is at no. 49. Glen Johnson appears to be looking at his watch at Fratton Park and thinking "yes Michael, your time at the top is well and truly up"


It’s crazy how this gets overlooked.
Has any other PL team just gave £10m away. Plus I’m not sure if he’s claiming missed wages during that time either
Fuck knows how much it cost in total.
Transfer fee.
Legal fees.
Loss of earnings case.

Bet we are still paying for him.
Danny Graham was comfortably worse and always seems to receive far less criticism than Jozy. Probably as he was so anonymous it's easy to forget.

Yet he cost roughly the same, was older, scored just one goal for us in almost the same number of appearances, appeared far less interested and put in Rodwellesque disappearing acts on the field most weeks.

Jozy at least appeared to try even if he was crap. Graham was crap and didn't seem to care. Oh we also got nothing back on Graham and he stunk us out for longer