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    This month is 40 years since Unknown Pleasures was released.

    Mary Anne Hobbs did a show today with the rest of the band. Was listening on my headphones and had a dodge into town. Had an interview with Hooky and after his interview they played ceremony by new order. I got that adrenaline rush from music you rarely get.

    There’s an interview with Peter Savile about the artwork as well.

    Mary Anne Hobbs - Unknown Pleasures at 40 - BBC Sounds

    Everything about that album is pure fucking excellence. Artwork, Ian, what came after. Just sublime man.

    Ian was a fucking Legend.


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  2. Stray Cat

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    Love it but Closer man......
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  3. Yer da claims JSA

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    40 years - fucking hell

    Tangential to the OP but their cover of Sister Ray is still absolute quality

    agree with the OP though. The album is incredibly close to perfection.
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    Closer is a hard listen. Unknown Pleasures is just Ian & Martin. Just a clash of two fucking weirdos meeting at the right time. Hannet recoded people going up and down in lifts. There’s tunes on bootlegs with Joy Division where Ian was singing down the phone.
  5. dangermows

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    New Dawn Fades is the pick of the bunch.

    Basically a suicide note. The previous is the better record.
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    You could say that about owt. I’m currently listening to ceremony. That was Ian’s tune. Imagine if he’d been in new order and been part of that. That was his tune.
  7. dangermows

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    Well I couldn't, as that's my favourite from that record.

    That would make for an interesting listen mind.

    I've just got the show on now. Didn't realise they were quite that young when they made the album.
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  8. EcosseMackem

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    My favourite album of all time - took me dozens of listens to get it but when I did, my world changed forever

    I still hear something new every time I listen to it even after 40 years

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    It was before my time. I’m 41 and like you it grew on me.
  10. niceonemarra

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    I'm 42 Joy Division rules.
  11. Yer da claims JSA

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    The Unknown Pleasures album with The Factory recordings is good like.
  12. EcosseMackem

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    Ian was 21/22 when he was writing those lyrics - his vision and beautiful use of words was astonishing for someone so young in my opinion
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  13. luvulongtime

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    was 23 when it came out, i remember thinking that's fucking class and today i still do

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    Because it’s proper sonshine.

    Stephen was 17 and on drums on that album. Imagine being 17 and being part of that.
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  15. Charmless Man

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    Eeeeeh I’m in Macclesfield now anarl.

    OOOSH YEAH Central Defender

    The three of them were 20 years old other than Stephen who was 17. Imagine that man.
  17. niceonemarra

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  18. dangermows

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    The show reckons he was 20.
  19. The Lonious Monk

    The Lonious Monk Midfield

    Fuck I feel old. I love every song on the album. Listening to it now after seeing this thread.
  20. cauldbairn

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    I can still remember the exact date when I first heard it. 28th Nov 2004.

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