Journo walks into the Saudi Consulate in Turkey......

Discussion in 'SMB' started by look out piano, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. And gets tortured and murdered (the Turks have audio evidence apparently). I honestly cant comprehend that there hasn't been a more outraged response to such barbarity tbh.
    What a horrible state of affairs, I'll be interested in how the Saudi's wriggle out of this one (I for one would say "produce this man immediately") but that's not going to happen now is it ? His fiance waited while he went in to get their marriage license and never emerged, the staff reckon he "left by the back door".......yeah right ! :evil:
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    Worse joke ever
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    Nothing will be said whilst we are selling them arms and they are selling us oil.
  4. :lol:

    Something should be said, the whole incident is a fucking cowardly disgrace. The Turks have footage of a 15 strong hits quad (including a "forensics expert") entering the country via a private jet.
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    Its as bad as the Salisbury incident and the Saudis should be held accountable like we have Russia............... Oh wait. We can do fuck all and in reality the likes of Trump, May and Macron etc will condemn it but wont actually give a shit.
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  7. It's all wrong, that poor man :cry:.
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    You know when I said "the EU isn't just about making money, its about it being morally right".

    This is exactly the same. There's no reason to trade with them, its a terrible regime. Fuck the money, I'd rather be poor than have a few quid built on blood.
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  11. Yup.
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    I was wondering how long it'd be before Trump and May got the blame. :lol:

    6th post, not bad. :lol:
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    I can't see a post blaming Trump and May.

    I can see one saying some things about them, but not blaming them..
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  15. Would you be happy to pay more in fuel costs?

    Or higher costs in general as oil is needed to transfer goods between countries and within countries.

    Will you find jobs for those who make the typhoons and missiles that the Saudis buy from us?

    Would you rather have an alliance in the Middle East with the Saudis or with the Iranians?
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  16. Worst
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    Where did I blame them?
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