Journey’s End

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Reptilia, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Reptilia

    Reptilia Winger

    Anyone else seen it? Incredible film. For me it is one of the best war films made in recent memory and a much better film than Dunkirk which came out around the same time, didn’t get anywhere near as much recognition however.
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  2. I’ve never seen it but it’s one I’d like to

    Is it on sky movies or Netflix?
  3. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    netflix. just come on i think
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  4. Reptilia

    Reptilia Winger

    It’s on Netflix now mate.
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  5. Excellent. Thanks
  6. What A Waster

    What A Waster Winger

    Remember studying this play for English GCSE.
    Canny good.
    Like a miserable Blackkadder goea Forth
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  7. Did you fail English Language?
  8. What A Waster

    What A Waster Winger

    Me fail English? That's unpossible!
  9. :lol::lol:
  10. dred

    dred Winger

    The play put me off watching it.
  11. Tex

    Tex Striker

    I remember seeing a flick called 'Aces High' which was based on the same story but pilots rather than soldiers. Didn't know they'd made a recent fillum.
  12. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Dunkirk was shite tbf
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  13. jubblies

    jubblies Striker

    Especially if you were there
  14. Billy Fish

    Billy Fish Striker

    It was ok at the imax
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  15. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    Cheers for the heads up, will give it a watch
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  16. jubblies

    jubblies Striker

  17. Watched it Friday night, found it quite disappointing and underwhelming.

    Glad it came on Netflix, had the blu-ray on my Christmas list; fortunate that I didn't waste a gift on that.
  18. fyl2u

    fyl2u Striker

  19. Iballistic George

    Iballistic George Central Defender

    Just watched it this afternoon . Thought it would have been more gritty tbh. You didn't get a sense of what it was really like . Stick to they shall not grow old as that is by far and away the best thing ever
  20. ISOE II

    ISOE II Central Defender

    Me uncle didn’t enjoy it
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