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RR John O’Shea: another year, or time to say goodbye?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by RTG, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Stockton Mackem

    Stockton Mackem Striker

    Keep him, his experience could be vital
  2. If we are to rebuild, get shot and promote a young, fast CH.

    O'Shea won't be able to play 2 games per week anyway, so we'll have to keep chopping and changing with him in the team.


    lads he must go, he is not the Angel you think BTW
    his game face has gone his little bit pace has gone and his head is one of the first to drop when we concede
    thanks but no thanks there can be no sentiment on our playing staff or coaching staff
    if your gonna BBOOOO the do it when brace stands up.
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  4. Id say both.

    He's past it so it's time to say goodbye, but we'll probably give him a years contract.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017
  5. molthemackem

    molthemackem Striker

    According to the main man he thinks so too. He must have caused a lot of unrest Bob.
  6. judd jenkin

    judd jenkin Goalkeeper

    Screen shotted.

    Cheers Bob.
  7. SurreyMackem

    SurreyMackem Striker

    Letting experienced squad players go is the reason we are where we are.
  8. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    Think we need to keep. Will be decent in the Championship (if we go down) and an old head to keep it together at the back.

    If nothing else, it means we don't have to shell out on a defender who may be just there to get us out of the Championship and then be stuck on our books.
  9. It's mental he is still playing, should have been replaced ages ago.

    Mind thought he finally had second half of last year. Shame Kaboul left
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  10. Cack Stottie

    Cack Stottie Winger

    Being young and fast doesn't make you good. Jamaal Lascelles is both of those and couldn't lace John O'Shea's boots, even on his worst day.
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    shotted new on me
    if you know me call me
  12. Just give him the gaffers job. Cant be any worse, cares about the club.
  13. Mally Mackem

    Mally Mackem Midfield

    Get rid.... finished.. and is probably on silly money.. offers nothing anymore, no time for sentiment..
  14. molthemackem

    molthemackem Striker

    True, but then McCauley IS a proper centre half, not a 50/50 bar.
  15. bobpc30

    bobpc30 Midfield

    One more year. A championship winners medal would fit right amongst the FA cups, CL league and premier league medals.
  16. :cool:
  17. Perseus

    Perseus Central Defender

    Buy a replacement and keep him for another year as cover.

    Central defenders when their legs have gone, get away with it for quite some time in the Championship, and then they get caught out. However, if they are fit enough they are good enough.
  18. AndoverMackem

    AndoverMackem Central Defender

    Another year for sure. He has the experience that we are going to need
  19. Draig

    Draig Full Back

    That isn't difficult now is it?! Just get rid and get a back four who can play together and not get slowed down by having to lug an oxygen cylinder around with them.
  20. HutchSafc

    HutchSafc Striker

    Definitely keep for me.

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