John Lydon

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    And The Four Tops but got delayed by a TOTP appearance.
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    Those pictures and vids are absolutely shocking: he actually looks inflated and the bulk around his neck has changed his voice, he sounds like he's got someone half-strangling him. I wonder if that is huge fluid retention as a result of his thyroid problem?
  3. Bloody hell. I bet they’ll never be that lucky again.
    Who says drugs and drink is bad for you ! :lol:

    Didn’t know that actually
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  4. Paddy O'Dors

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    I think Kim Cattrall was another who claims to have had a lucky escape that day.
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  5. Lassie from Porky’s :lol:
  6. That requires the attention of @ProfessionalMackem
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    He looks like fat bastard from Austin powers
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