John Lydon

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  1. That vid on page 2 backs it up mind
  2. Colbert

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  3. Sam Handwich

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    Didn't realise his wife had mid-stage alzheimers. How sad.
    Mind he looks fat as fuck here. Only a week ago.
  4. Longy

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    Fucking hell. Must have been some binge between his gig up here & the post in this thread that I said was fake! That’s a lot of weight in a short time.
  5. Dogbark

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    A beautiful harmony of booze and bait :p
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  6. 10 Gary Rowells

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    According to John he has problems with his thyroid which means he balloons up but then loses weight as he stabilises but don't let that stop you taking the mick.
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  7. The Exile

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    Steroids for something maybe?

    Sorry - insert obligatory fat joke here.
  8. Slow joe

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    Best month ever.
  9. Teed

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    Eating to much butter, I can't believe it!
  10. Medulla

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    Looks like he needs a dialling wand
  11. DJP

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  12. Useless bit of trivia - Lydon was booked onto flight Pan Am 103 which blew up over Lockerbie, but missed his connection.
  13. Sneech

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    Looks like he blew up anyway.
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  14. Thought as soon as I posted that some smart arse would say that ;):lol:
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  15. Sneech

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    It was too easy like
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    JAZZMANB Striker

    Yep thats the crack ,same on FBook ,endless fat bastard comments and no one reading anyone elses
  17. JonMc

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    Why is he still an ex Sex Pistols legend? Why can't he be a PIL legend?
  18. Smoke Me a Kipper

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  19. dafunk2

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    Looks like Humpty Dumpty, especially with that shirt!
  20. Slow joe

    Slow joe Midfield

    Great fact. I love stuff like that.
    A few lads I know we're booked into a world trade centre tour for half 9 but over did the beer and drugs the night before. They woke up and watched the news....
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