Joe McCann

People on both sides have faced trial since the good Friday agreement but I don’t think the punishment then follows when found guilty.
if it was my dad shot like that , I would want to see someone face trial and probably hang for it if it was deemed a crime never mind walk free because of the agreement.
Why the hell did this go to trial. Obviously they admitted killing the fella in 1972 but not under caution and the HET have tried to have that made admissible their later, STILL NOT UNDER CAUTION, references to it. I cant figure out why at that point it was found appropriate to proceed. Apart from stirring up the community at a terrible time it probably means they can never face justice. (And they never should based on an in-admissible confession obtained under unknown circumstances - that would open a door that needs to be kept nailed shut).
happened all over the land in those days though on both sides, Maybe it was a risk people took
But illegal so those on both sides should be investigated and prosecuted if deemed the right thing to do.
I don’t know how this got as far as it did without the evidence being inadmissible mind.
If the police knew who blew up someone’s car with a bomb or even a south coast hotel, should we just say that it was a danger at the time and being a political target was ok?
I think all these should be looked at personally

Big Jeff

You would need to have been there (on either side) to expeience the terror, the adrenaline, the chaos of these contacts. The best bit is that hopefully, these days are behind us.