Jim Baxter debut

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Hard to work out whether he was particularly pissed or particularly sober that day :)
Aye im afraid slim jim was one of those forks in the road for us ,he could have took us to another level.Think it was the drink that did for him in the end .


Was at both debuts at home ,abiding memory V Celtic is the main stand where the Leitch lattice was being full of bottles , with Baxter playing they took us apart . His league debut as mentioned was brilliant what an outstanding footballer we had on our hands but half the team weren't on the same level or wavelength as slim Jim . I remember him taking a penalty with the keeper going full length one way as he hit it in to the top corner in the opposite side of the goal with Baxter pointing at him and laughing ,his swan song at Sunderland was against the side he joined Nottingham Forest and it was a brilliant performance that probably was instrumental in them signing him. Memories !


Was there in the Fulwell, remember the bottles of whisky getting passed around by their supporters all through the game and some half pissed Scottish lass burning my arm with her fag ! Also remember their fans singing Baxter Ha Ha Ha and "feed the bear" John Hughes song. Jim Baxter was my hero and I'd just bought a massive poster of him the week before we sold him. Cried my eyes out when I heard he'd gone. FTM