Jeremy Kyle taken off air and suspended indefinitely

Discussion in 'SMB' started by RestlessNatives, May 13, 2019.

  1. Is it really have you seen the world these days, the old saying goes art reflects life.
  2. daveydavey

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    We will & are already are asking how as a society we let this show run for so long.

    A garbage production.

    If you slim down the population to the age of people who would watch & understand this show, and then think 1 million people are watching it...per show...I actually struggle to believe that. It’s not even an enjoyable watch.

    I have to cast doubt on those figures, is there a link you can provide which backs that up?
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  3. FootballFan

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    Has he been sacked?
  4. BBC news app. Maybe they’re making it up tho. I’ll mail them and ask them to post a link that backs it up.
  5. Shack

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    Has Jezza said owt yet? Should be hounded and hunted down for a soundbite.
  6. Fred Secrets

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    No doubt he gave the poor bloke who took his own life some awful abuse for failing the lie detector.

    I'd like to think that I'm wrong.
  7. yorkyexile

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    Advertisers pay firms to do surveys etc to make sure they are reaching a specified number with each ad and arent paying for an audience of say 1mill when only 2 and a goldfish are watching are watching so records are kept
    One such firm, Kantar media fits meters in peoples houses for BARB tv panel to record what they watch/view online with the houseowner getting rewards, vouchers etc for simply pressing a button to say they are in the room watching tv at that time. The meter then records what channel is being watched

    you know that your not though
  8. RichD

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    Let's hope this is the beginning of the end of so called reality TV as it's horrendous...
  9. daveydavey

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    The daily mail have someone calling the deceased a peadophile today. Very distasteful.
  10. monkeytassle

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    Jerry Jerry Jerry
  11. What A Waster

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    Just been reading that. Headline only. Not once mentioned in her quotes. It's his ex wife.
    Made up headline to get traffic
  12. sima-hebburn

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    are the mags next
  13. Steesafc

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    Just been a bit on BBC breakfast where he'd been quoted as saying he was devastated that his show has been cancelled. Nowt about the bloke who lost his life then? What a twat Kyle is.
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  14. Quotes are in the sun and mirror. Released cos there wasn’t enough evidence.
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  15. weebil64

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    I think it's fitting that his first public pronouncement on the situation was in the Sun. A match made in heaven.
  16. What if he was actually a paedophile?
  17. Gucci Massive

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    Or Daily Mail columnist
  18. The Rat

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    The defense seems to be people watch so it’s fine

    You could put fights in pub car parks on and people would watch it
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  19. Can he play centre half?
  20. errant

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    from a PR point of view, probably better to try for Ched Evans or Adam Johnson...

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