Jeremy Kyle taken off air and suspended indefinitely

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    Why would you give people like this the time of day? Obviously he doesn't want to support the child and the best advice would be to go down the legal route and work it out from there. But to bring it on TV in front of millions op people isn't to the benefit of anyone. That kid will one day see this and have the piss taking out of him.
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    The acne-riddled turtle-looking fucker proper lasered it at his swede. It's magnificent.
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    It is ! 'Show' permanently axed
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    always one that's hard as fuck behind his meatheads and camera though.
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    Exactly, it's a stupid comparison.

    If the story is true the JK show put this man on TV, puts him through a lie detector that he failed and it has caused/contributed to his relationship ending and him feeling he needs to take his own life. All pretty much based on a lie detector that isn't 100% accurate so it could have been wrong, probably had the piss took out of him on the show aswell. The full story isn't out but it's a canny assumption based on the hundreds of others guests and the same format the show has had for them.

    That's different to someone becoming famous and struggling to cope with that (or no longer being famous) after a show has ended.
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  6. Glad it's gone. Always annoyed me when someone failed a lie detector and Jeremy would be proper screaming at them calling them liars. Never seemed to mention that lie detectors are far, far from infallible. Must have been loads of people who knew they'd done nowt wrong who went on, told the truth and got called liars for it
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    Chase and Status always had him right

  8. What annoyed me about the lie detector test was this question 'Since the start of your relationship.........'. What does that mean? In all the relationships I've been in I couldn't pin point the start. Maybe the day you first met but you weren't really in a relationship. Maybe after a month or 2 you became a couple. Do you take it from there?

    It always sounded like a loaded question.
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    Cracking shot like, managed to generate a canny bit power on the envelope
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    Soon be employed by TalkSport.
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    He was on there many years ago
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    And was a kernt on there as well.
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  14. I hope not, that would have me switching off!
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    LBC is another potential, could fill the gapping hole of katie hopkins...
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    now theres an image you divvent want
  17. Exactly
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  18. To anyone visiting the country it must look like a race to the bottom.
  19. Makes me wonder what will replace it in the long run.
  20. Something equally as demeaning and exploitative. That shambolic excuse for a television programme was pulling in a million viewers a show. With those numbers someone will already be working on a replacement. What is really worrying is that there are a million people in our society who actually find that kind of shit entertaining and or engaging.

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