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They were definitely on at The Bay, I know because my parents wouldn't let me go. (must have been about 14). I'd just bought Unicorn which was one of the first LPs I purchased.

Just googled and came up with this - see the list of gigs down the article, reckon I went to quite a few

Yep, Mrs P has just confirmed that she saw T Rex at the Bay. She can't remember who she went with but that it definitely wasn't me.

50 years down the line and the plot thickens.


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I too was at most of those gigs.

Ginger Baker's Airforce were booed off but I never saw a bad Family gig.

Some lesser known bands who also played in the north east were Blossom Toes, Blodwyn Pig, Spooky Tooth and the inimitable Edgar Broughton Band.

Just remembered Three Dog Night and Country Joe and the Fish at the Bay.
I quite like Blodwyn Pig, were they good?
Surprised no one has mentioned Argus Butterfly yet?


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I quite like Blodwyn Pig, were they good?
Surprised no one has mentioned Argus Butterfly yet?

Ex Tull guitarist Mick Abraham's band.

I can't honestly recall but they must have been ok because I still clearly remember the shite gigs.

I thought the Argus got a mention earlier in the thread.

mad cyril

Not a gig as such,

A few years ago I lived in Glasgow for a few years and worked with Paulo Nutinis long term girlfriend. We all become good friends and would hang out a lot tongether over in paisley where they lived.
mostly we’d get stoned and listen to times but is and again he’d get the guitar out and play tunes he’d be working on.
one time he was talking about a new song and he played it which was great. Candy it was eventually called and he had a big hit with it when he put it out. Not a gig as such but good / bizarre to hear such a big hit played before its full production and anybody else
legendary by all accounts. Jealous of that one mate.
I had the hangover from hell all day, couldn't shift it, The Fall didn't help that. Came round a bit while The Smiths were on and was pissed again by the time New Order surfaced. Felt a bit robbed by Ian McCulloch doing Ceremony
I saw the Four Tops at Croydon Fairfield Halls, we had the seats behind the stage, so although we were looking at the backs of them for a fair bit, when they turned round it felt like they were singing to us especially.