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Led Zep at the Mecca Sunderland
Not jealous - I was there.
Mecca on Friday nights, Rink (Top Rank) on Saturdays and Mecca on Sundays.
Seen quite a few at both at that time including; Ten Years After, Ginger Baker's Airforce, Free (at both including Free Live recording), Family, Quintessence, Jethro Tull more than once (one might have been at the Bay and another at the Empire).
Lindisfarne(before they were famous) at the Mecca one Sunday night - hell on because we had to pay 10p to get in and Sunday nights were usually free.
John Martyn loads of times here there and everywhere
I could go on.

Bob Dylan and Van Morrison in the jealous category - I had tickets but was working away and had to give them away

Dubai Si

The Gers
Bootleg Beatles
Ocean colour Scene

Cracking day out :cool:
That was the Sunday wasn’t it, as the Manics played on the Saturday. I was there on the Sunday. Cracking line up, sun splitting the trees and my first ever gig. What a way to start.


Black Lace at the Ivy House.

What a gig that was!

“ Agadoo doo doo push pineapple shake the tree
Agadoo doo doo push pineapple grind coffee
To the left to the right jump up and down and to the knees
Come and dance every night sing with a hula melody”
Don't think I've really been to anything that out of the ordinary. A few in fairly small venues given what the bands eventually became...

Arctic Monkeys - Ritz in Manchester (same tour where they played Manor Quay)
The Libertines at that student night they used to have on in the Northumbria SU in about 2003, 2004. They just turned up on the day and played with the equipment of the band who were the only one scheduled to play.
I remember seeing The Killers one year on the NME tour - that will have probably been at an Academy sized venue.

Went to see a mates band at one of them Bank Holiday all dayers that Bar 36/Independent used to put on in about 2004. Maximo Park were on the bill playing in front of about 20 people. I thought they were pretty crap, and the singer acted like a right bell holding a notebook in front of his face for the whole gig. A few weeks later, they were all over the place being championed as the next big thing!
The most memorable for me was oasis in 1996 as madison square gardens in NY, NY.

They wheeled out Richard Ashcroft mid way through their set and a lot of the locals were bemused.

In 1997 I saw the verve in Wolverhampton just prior to them hitting the big time. A colleague took the piss when I told him I was leaving work a bit earlier than usual that day, he asked if the band was called ‘The Verb’.

When bittersweet symphony hit the charts every tw@t and his dog was suddenly a big fan.


Considering they were my favourite band for a long time, I never got to see Oasis until the tour when they broke up. Both the SOL show and then their very final gig at V Festival (Stafford). I guess plenty people wish they'd seen Oasis' last gig.

Looking back, I was stupid for not going to more of the SOL shows - Coldplay and RHCP.


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Aye unless someone tells me I am wrong
I think it would have been Tyrannosaurus Rex at the time T.

Just the duo, Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrine-Took?

They did a few gigs up here back in the day and I think I can remember them at The Bay but I wasn't there. Other possibility would have been the Mecca?

I definitely saw them at Dunelm House, Durham and thought it pretentious shite. I think John Peel was the compere that night but I could be wrong. I recall the support band was much more to my taste at the time. Andromeda perhaps?


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Cheap Trick at The Cavern Club in Liverpool in 2018. A special one off show that was rammed to the rafters, sweaty and exciting.
KISS at Islington Academy in 2010. 500 people in the hall. The smallest show they`d done since 1974 as a warm up for their European Tour
Solomon Burke at The Sage a few years ago. The absolute epitome of Soul, Blues and Gospel in one man. Pure old school entertainment and a voice that brought tears to your eyes and just a few weeks before he passed away.
Jealous of Solomon Burke at the Sage mind.


Foo Fighters as the Holy Shits at both the Vans skatepark (London) and another venue in Islington. Tiny venues.


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:lol: He's a twat like. We saw him with Promise of the Real down Leeds, and he had his big White Falcon on when somebody shouted for it. He just grinned mischievously "Like A Hurricane? On this guitar?" Needless to say he didn't play the fucker. You could maybe understand it if Ol' Black wasn't sitting there anarl. :lol:

Class when he finally played it at Hyde Park as one of the encores though. This organ came swinging down on wires from somewhere in the stage ceiling and away they went. Immense. Ya get people twist on about concert prices these days, but to be quite honest I'd have paid the admission for that alone.
Like a Hurricane in Hyde Park?

I still go a bit wobbly when I listen to the Weld version.

Totally unconnected but I've never liked you.
Two more at the Top Hat, Horslips, Irish rock type of band, they had been on the Whistle Test the week before so we went along . Wasn't bad. Medicine Head as two piece just before they split up was an excellent gig.
Aye unless someone tells me I am wrong
I wasn't really into the music of T. REX/Tyrannosaurus Rex, but I did think Marc Bolan was a bit of a cutie (only way to describe him really). I used to have a very fetching picture of him wearing a yellow vest on my bedroom wall. Only ever really liked Metal Guru and The Slider. It was a sad morning when i woke up and heard he'd been killed. It would have been good to see him in a pub venue.