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Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by RestlessNatives, Jul 2, 2018.

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    giz a kiss

    in fairness its normally when its raining rather than cold, but its probably too late to backtrack now!

    I quite fancied the Kielder dark skies 10k next year mind https://www.highterrainevents.co.uk/kielder-10km-night-run Any of that on the half marathon route?
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    Very little. Only the part by the resevoir. Long way for a 10km.
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    Can safely say JD in Sunderland is the best gym I’ve ever set foot in. And for £10 a month all the classes, sauna, proper bench press and deadlift platforms. None of that plastic shite that pure gym have.

    Makes Pure Gym look like a minging kids soft play.
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    To be fair can’t go much wrong for £10 pm
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    I live nearer Newcastle so we are stuck with The Gym or Pure Gym.. I work various shifts so something that’s open early and closes late late would be ideal.unless there were other gyms that folk know off nearer Newcastle
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    Any thoughts on xercise4less? Never seems to get mentioned.

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