JD or Pure Gym


That is the worst time to go. Exactly like you say; groups of bro's hanging around the machines trying to look the part, or teenage dolly birds with more flesh on show than a butchers fridge. Even the cardio machines are full of people pissing about on them. In the really shitty weather I occasionally do an afternoon 5k run on the machines instead of freezing my nuts off outside and it really boils my piss having to wait while people walk at 3mph talking to their mate on the next machine. Then because of the amount of people in there the temperature is nearly always 20c +

I'm definitely a morning person in there!

rey mysterio

Can safely say JD in Sunderland is the best gym I’ve ever set foot in. And for £10 a month all the classes, sauna, proper bench press and deadlift platforms. None of that plastic shite that pure gym have.

Makes Pure Gym look like a minging kids soft play.


Central Defender
I live nearer Newcastle so we are stuck with The Gym or Pure Gym.. I work various shifts so something that’s open early and closes late late would be ideal.unless there were other gyms that folk know off nearer Newcastle