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Discussion in 'Monthly Competition' started by Steeeeed, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. Steeeeed

    Steeeeed Winger


    Happy new year everyone.

    I think we'll go a little bit technical for January and February and look at taking shots which adopt the rule of thirds.

    Some tutorials and examples

    Photos from now until Feb 28th. Then;
    • Post your picture directly in this thread. Please keep the previous rules of no larger than 2000 pixels on long edge, 5MB in size.
    • You can enter up to 3 photos
    • Please consider adding EXIF data, e.g. camera, lens, ISO, aperture, shutter speed.
    Please just keep this thread for photo entries. Any discussion required, please use the discussion thread.

    Thanks - good luck and enjoy shooting.
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  2. Lonz

    Lonz Striker

    Not entered in a while:

  3. Walter Ego

    Walter Ego Winger

    Same. First one off the phone that fits the theme.

  4. E M P I R E

    E M P I R E Full Back


    Nikon D810 / 70-200mm at 95mm / ISO100 / 125s / f8
    2x Profoto D2 500w acting as rim lights with Elinchrom strips, one uncovered with a red gel, the other 1.5 diffused white light.
    1x Profoto D2 1000w as key light with a 100cm Elinchrom Deep Octa and a cyan gel high and above camera left.
    There's also a tri-flector just below the crop.
  5. kossoff

    kossoff Winger


    Nikon D3300 / 55-300mm at 180mm / ISO200 / 1/30s / f/5.6
    Malaga lighthouse just after sunset (sun had sunk behind the mountains 30 minutes or so before).
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