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January 14th live footy on tv

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by hank williams, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Cagliari v Atalanta
    Coppa Italia Round of 16
    Kick off 16:30
    BT Sport 1

    Liverpool U23 v Brighton & Hove Albion U23
    Premier League 2
    Kick off 19:00

    Man City v Wolves
    Premier League
    1900 kick off 20:00
    Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Main Event / Sky Sports Ultra HD

    Roma v Entella
    Coppa Italia Round of 16
    Kick off 20:00
    BT Sport 1

    Real Sociedad v Espanyol
    La Liga
    Kick off 20:00
    Eleven Sports 1
    That's yer lot just Man City for me
  2. thamesvalleyman

    thamesvalleyman Midfield

    Morning Hank, no footy for me today. Will stay out of the sports bar and away from alcohol for a few days due to Saturday's excesses!
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  3. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Morning marra

    You been walking in my shoes again ;)
  4. viccarlton

    viccarlton Striker

    Morning Hank, morning everyone will watch Man City tear Wolves apart tonight.
  5. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Morning marra

    Make the most of it cause wait till you see what's on tomorrow rather talk to our lass
  6. AndyGray1985

    AndyGray1985 Winger

    Morning Hank, Morning All,

    Just plenty of bucking for me.

    Have a gud un!
  7. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Morning marra

    Shoukd be a good game tonight mind two attacking teams

    Just off to graft see ya later
  8. Kingdom Bhoy

    Kingdom Bhoy Striker

    Morning Hank marra.
  9. Morning Hanky mornen all

    NOTS for me

    Just graft & flight searching

    Avvegudden all
  10. Morning Hank.
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  11. Morning lads. Might stick Man City on.
  12. Morning all. Nowt for me, looking like a long day of graft.
  13. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Morning Hank
    Might have a night off the football and save myself for watching Danny Graham net his hat trick tomorrow night in the FA Cup.
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  14. Morning Hank. Morning chaps and chapesses.
    None of that mess for me.

    Morning Vic.

    Morning AG.

    Morning Wakey.

    Morning Ginge marra.

    Morning Chunks.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
  15. Scorefrom a throw in

    Scorefrom a throw in Central Defender

    Morning Hank & everyone. Wolves later for me,busy day so have a great Monday :).
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  16. Morning marra. How's your leave going?
  17. Morning marra

    Has the eye healed yit?
  18. Canny marra, thanks.
  19. Musicman

    Musicman Striker

    Morning Hank, Man City for me. Like watching them

    Morning @Dilligaf60 , @Ginger John , @Scorefrom a throw in , @Wakey ftm in Sussex , @AndyGray1985 ,@Snorbens , @viccarlton , @Kingdom Bhoy @thamesvalleyman
  20. Getting there mate. I’ve to put antibiotic ointment in it four times a day. That’s not so bad, the downside is I can’t see out of it for about an hour after I put it in. :lol:

    Morning MM

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