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  1. It's all relative though. You buy a can of Carling for under a quid and you'll pay 3-4 quid for a pint in a pub.

    You'll pay 2 to 3 quid for a craft ale in a shop, then obviously it's going to be more expensive in a pub.
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  2. daedalus

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    I got a 6.5% IPA in the Bacchus not long back and it was £13.20. I kicked up a right stink and told him he really needs to inform people it's that pricey before pulling it.

    It was limited edition special or some shite. Tasted no better than other 'cheaper' ones.
  4. what the.... now that is taking the mick...
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    I like Jakehead mate, I really like it a lot but ha'way!

    Of course it is.
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    :lol: I was in there last saturday and my mate reckoned it was 'yuppy'
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    Craft ales, still use same basic ingredients as lager and no import duty on it, and yet we're paying 30-40% more in some cases. Supply and demand I suppose; begrudgingly, I'd still pay £5.50 for neck oil rather than £3.50 for lager.
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    It's a fine line though. Some people kick up a fuss if you tell them it's a pricey pint, as if you've just accused them of looking poor. I think anything north of £6 these days and you should definitely inform the customer.

    I get a bit narky if people tell me something is expensive like. But that's because I know what I'm ordering and how much it'll be usually and the fuckers should know that I know :lol:

    What about craft lagers there mate?
  9. what you have to remember is most are not doing it on an industrial scale and their overheads are far bigger than the huge brewers.

    distribution, packaging etc.

    you should really be crying fowl when you are paying over a fiver for Peroni when its just generic premium lager with no more overheads than say stella
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    Well aye, same thing- Brooklyn is over £5 a pint. I suppose Epping hit nail on head with the fact that they're not mass produced like other beers.
    I agree that barman should be telling you if a beer is unusually expensive, most do tbf, Pivni in York will always say if a beers are over a fiver.
  11. Charmless Man

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    Loads of hop forward American style IPAs use a load more hops as well. Thats more expensive and they're paying more for hops anyway as they're not ordering as many as the huge breweries.
  12. Patch

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    Tidied. I was proper "You're f**king joking, aren't you?" when I got my change back.

    :eek: And I thought they'd had my trousers down! That is mental.
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    I'd put the fucker on my mantlepiece at that price.
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    That's absolutely bonkers. I think I'd have refused to pay tbh.

    No they don't. A lot use imported hops for starters.

    Also, small batches are simply far more expensive to make.
  15. Wilfy

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    Aye but I can produce a 40 pint batch of beer, using 200g of hops for about 40p a pint so there's not really justification for the silly prices they charge.
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  16. James

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    Running a business costs a bit anarl like.

    I don't really mind paying it tbh, it's nice to think the profit is going towards a small business venture and not some multi-national.
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  17. bmp1970

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    Since I started drinkng proper ale I always check the price list on the wall..
  18. Wilfy

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    Aye but a craft brewery will have a lot lower overheads as well.
  19. Duty , vat, shipping, bottling all adds up. Then the pub needs to make a quid or two per pint to cover it's costs and make a bit.

    I doubt it. They haven't got the economy of scale.

    Driving 20 miles to drop off 2 9 gallon barrels etc...

    All time and money..
  20. Charmless Man

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    Where do you brew? At home? Do you include your mortgage/rent in that figure?

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