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Jack Ross talk in

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Summer Bee, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Summer Bee

    Summer Bee Midfield

    This is not my words, I’ve just seen it on a supporters group and thought it read extremely well. If it’s anyone off here then let me know and I’ll delete it so you can post it.

    Jack Ross Q&A at the Sunderland Referees Association

    A difficult weekend for Jack, saw him come under a bit of criticism from some quarters of the fans; so a live Q&A in front of 150 might not have been his first choice of Monday evening relaxation.

    However, he rose to the occasion and delivered some interesting views. (I say ‘rose’; the bloke is deceptively tall!!)

    Jack gave a brief overview of his career, coping with rejection from a club at an early age (which he admits he didn’t handle brilliantly), and his fight to get back into professional playing again. The one thing that stood out for me during this, is that he cares what happens to players. Not just the 2% that make it all the way into having long careers; he cares about ALL players.
    He’s also under no illusions over how big the task is at Sunderland. Asked by one audience member about how close he was to joining Ipswich, and what made him come here; his answer was simple. He indeed was close to going to Portman Road (he went on holiday pretty confident that the deal was done), however he learned of Sunderland’s interest; and was hooked.

    There were a few laughs about his potential to require a gum shield for the Fleetwood game; and a wry wink and smile was given as he beautifully executed the line “mind you; Joey would have had you promoted by now”. He’s got all the charm and charisma of a guy who has every confidence in his ability; however don’t for one minute think that it’s arrogance. It’s not; this guy is as honest and humble as any man on the street...

    Asked about how did he convince the likes of Cattermole and McGeady to stay, he went on to explain that he started work almost immediately in May of last year, and got the phone numbers of every player. Individually he rang them to introduce himself, and wanted to get his OWN impressions of who was up for the fight. Speaking about McGeady; he stated the he was first to say that he was part of the relegated squad, and wanted to make amends for that. When asked about convincing players to come, unselfishly, Ross said that he didn’t have to sell the club to any incoming player - the fans, the stadium and the facilities do that by themselves.

    On a similar subject he was asked about the deadline day deal for Grigg - which again, he was honest about; stating that “all’s well that ends well”, but also quick to state that in an ideal world he’d have liked that particular deal done earlier in the window; only held back by the fact Maja’s situation dragged on longer than anticipated.

    I asked if he thought the issues with our defence (and defending in general), might be down to the fact defenders are a lot more hesitant to put a challenge in now, due to referees and rules favouring attacking players more: he politely replied that it was perhaps a good point; but refused to use that as an excuse for not doing their job. I have a feeling that this week there’ll be a lot more work going into our defenders in the art of taking pride in defending. He didn’t criticise them; but you can clearly see he’s not massively happy about the way we’ve conceded.

    Asked about the team spirit; he couldn’t be happier. There are NO cliques among the players in any way whatsoever; with the senior pros like Cattermole, McGeady (you can tell he really likes him as a person and as a player), and Leadbitter are all MASSIVE positive influences on the team.

    When speaking about the signing of Grant; he said that the lad is absolutely desperate to get the club moving again; and genuinely is one of life’s lucky guys who gets to play for the club he loves....and isn’t afraid to show it in training or in games.

    Last question: who’s the worst dressed player? Will Grigg is “a bit trampy” and “gets some decent wear out of his tracksuits”!

    Overall impressions? I walked into there with an open mind. I left, an absolutely massive fan of Jack Ross. He’s here, he WANTS to be here, and is a very hungry manager. Don’t let the nice-guy side of him fool anyone; the guy has a determination to get Sunderland not only back moving in the right direction, but to do so in a fashion that pleases the fans....who, by the way he absolutely loves.

    Ross the boss; I’m with you 110%

  2. Mr Bump

    Mr Bump Full Back

    A good read that. This season is a massive learning curve for him. Reality is he’ll be judged on whether we get promoted or not
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  3. Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan

    Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan Central Defender

    John James Ross.
  4. Doberman

    Doberman Striker

    Jacky Ross' red and white army.

    Fuck the haters, the doubters and the irrelevant.

    He's here to stay.

    Support him & the lads or stay away permanently.

    Ha'way the lads. :cool:
  5. Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan

    Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan Central Defender

    To what tune?
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  6. Doberman

    Doberman Striker

    anything that you can bash a drum to. :cool:
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  7. I still believe he has the potential to be the best manager we've had in a long time. I'll be disappointed if he's not our manager next season, irrespective of which division we're in.
  8. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Got some guts to face our lot after that deafeat got to give him that
  9. L1lyBrown

    L1lyBrown Winger

    110%? I hate that use of an impossibility.
  10. Doberman

    Doberman Striker

    I agree.
  11. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Billion percent then
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  12. My Boy Harry

    My Boy Harry Striker

    No one wants the lad to fail and everyone wants him to succeed and be here years but like every football manager who ever lived he will live or otherwise at safc by results

    If we don’t go up there will be discontent amongst the fans and the usual non stop inquest will open with sides being taken one way or the other and they will then probably remain fairly entrenched

    You don’t get long at Sunderland under normal circumstances so it’s up to the lad himself to make a decent fist of it

    One thing is fact though. We cannot hang around this division for much more than one season. We could be back In financial trouble if we are still here next year
  13. RichD

    RichD Striker

    Cheers for that marra, Ross needs supporting now until the end of the season .
  14. L1lyBrown

    L1lyBrown Winger

    Much more like it! If someone is going to exaggerate they should do it properly.
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  15. Reiver

    Reiver Winger

    In this league, and the Championship, we won't get anyone more willing to work within our constraints.

    Sacking him would be a huge mistake imo.
  16. BumbleBee

    BumbleBee Striker

    To be fair 50% of the posters on here could have said very similar. MEH.
  17. Hodgie1979

    Hodgie1979 Central Defender

    A bit of positivity hurrah...
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  18. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    But Ross isn't a fan though
  19. Reiver

    Reiver Winger

    Possibly but they would've been making it all up :lol:
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  20. BumbleBee

    BumbleBee Striker

    It's standard fare Hank.

    Yav been around lang enough.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019

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