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Using semantics to defend our failure - its beyond dispute that he made mistakes towards the end of the season - when we blew it. Blame injuries or the loss of Maja but his lack of settled system and team cost us. Personally i think the manager has to take a large slice of the blame.
I don't disagree with you, but he didn't fail by the clubs remit.

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Jack Ross will no doubt admit that he got some things wrong last season. I know the season ended on a really bitter note, but overall, last season was way more enjoyable than the season before and the season before that. We won around half of our games and filled Wembley twice. If he can quickly find the right formula with the likes of Grigg, Wyke, McNulty, Watmore, Maguire, McGeady etc we are going up. I like him. I think he has a lot to offer us if we give him time.