I've been spoilt by stabilised lenses


The Gaffer
Staff member
Its becoming easy to forget just how good and effective they are.

Today I went out for my daily exercise and grabbed the 550D and a 105mm Sigma lens - which is actually a very decent and lightish/smallish combination. Normally I would use this on a tripod but it was a bright day and it was about exercise, not photography.

Anyway, returning home I guess at least half of the photos I took have evidence of camera shake and are useless (and yes I am old school and know the 'rules' about shutter speed).

I did actually realise when I was out that this was happening and this very nearly resulted in me being attacked by bees as I decided to hold the camera against a tree to steady it.
Peering through the viewfinder and focusing, I became acutely aware of a loud buzzing noise in my ears - and suddenly realised I was being surrounded by angry bees. Having legged it a safe distance it was then obvious that they were nesting in a hollow in the tree - I could probably have got some good bee photos but having retreated I wasn't going back.


Imagine how I feel with my stabilising Sony kit - lenses and camera with IS :) It's a problem sometimes remembering whats turned on and off when I go to tripod mode.