It's Friday

Discussion in 'SMB' started by T_Bone, Sep 14, 2018.

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    I'm winding down. Work part time have two small businesses, had a hard week.
    Give this a try it gets going, and chills you nicely....
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  3. Just finished work and dropping me bait gonna have a shower then a couple of wind down slerps.
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  6. It's Friday
    It's Five to Five
    and it's .....
  7. T_Bone

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    I had no idea who this was. I'd heard the name but thought they were a band. I'm sixty.
    Did you know who Steve Winwood was ?
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    This song means a lot to me. My daughter was about 15 and was very good at piano probably grade five or six at the time and she was playing what she wanted us to hear one Sunday dinner time and we were going out for a drive.
    I told her you can play the piano when you can play " The ?Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby.
    I can remember her saying " But Dad I don't even know who he is !"
    We came back at about 6 pm and she played it just like that. Wow. She had me in tears.
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  12. Tremendous that!:cool:

    Alice Russell:cool:

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  13. muggboots

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    Why aye. An amazing singer as basically a bairn in The Spencer Davis Group.
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    WHO WAS PHONE Full Back

    Tonight's listening is underated classics
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  15. FUCKING TUNE!!! That!!:cool::D
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    I didn't care for that version mate. I'm trying to chill on a Friday night.
    Give us something else.
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  20. One of my faves at the moment


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