It will be interesting at work tomorrow

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Harrys, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. Re: Mods:

    well done fella

    top drawer for coming back on
  2. zinedine

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    Aye, funny when it's not meant to be funny, always the best threads.
  3. Rickybilly

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    Re: Mods:

    Welcome back! Haway then, who is Emma?
  4. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    Re: Mods:

    Emma is a ladyboy (pre-op).
  5. Harrys

    Harrys Guest

    Re: Mods:

    Now "Post-op" apparently
  6. I love a happy ending :cry:
  7. Harrys

    Harrys Guest

    So do I but my physio has told me no Thai massage due to the herniated disc in my neck at c5/c6 :cry:

    I could try a "soapie" I suppose as there is not much massage invloved there
  8. I have that too. Expect your life to change. it's constant pain that the docs can do nowt about - they don't take pinched nerves out at that level.
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  9. Harrys

    Harrys Guest

    To be honest there is not pain now - I did it April 1st and have been having physio since - traction and manipulation.

    The first Neurosurgeon at Raffles Hospital wanted to operate that weekend - there weretwo things he was talking about - shaving the disc down and opening up the nerve canal thingy.

    They will do it here - its money for them

    Luckily i work with Dr's and one of my best pals is a consultant Neuro-radiologist. they said do not go straight for surgery - try other treatments.

    My pal put me in touch with another Neurosurgeon at SGH (a Singapore Indian Dr)and i got to see him straight away - he said do not even think about surgery for a year or so - we will try everything else first. really nice guy even if he does have a soft spor fro Newcastle after working there.

    So far its going Ok and gradually getting more use of my arm back - can not lift it above my head though which is taking a long time.
  10. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    After intense negotiation at the highest level, it's time to end this thread. Welcome to the Gold board Harrys.
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