It will be interesting at work tomorrow

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Harrys, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. youre supposed to save the food posts for when someone posts something boring, this is the polar opposite!
  2. Mods:

    Since the prodigal son has returned anychance of an unlock to this thread so we can see what really happened and if any prisoners were taken?

    Ha'way then Harrys! Update us on what happened, we've been waiting nearly 5 months to find out what happened to the VP!
  3. janiep

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    Daddyo's post no. 2 still says it all :lol:
  4. minkey

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    he's back/alive gerrin
  5. BBL

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  6. Irriducibili

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    As too does FunkyIguana in post 4.
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  8. gone to ground though:confused:
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    Harrys has been renovating a classic sports car & is currently working on the engine.
    He was told that if he raked back the crowns of the pistons to a 45-degree angle he would get more power out of it.
    He took the engine to a local engineering company & asked if they could do the work.
    The engineer said... "sorry mate, we do not rake pistons at that bevel."
  10. Harry was asked to go and get some food for the directors after a meeting ran on till 2am.

    He went outside and could only find a 24 hour newsagent. So he collected a handful of snacks and took them up to the boardroom.

    He was out on his arse a few seconds later, apparently they dont eat Ginsters at that level


    slates the salary of a bishop here:


    posted on a long haul flight post yesterday
  11. Harrys

    Harrys Guest

    Re: Mods:

    Old VP left after 3 months notice - new guy joined.

    New guy is a great guy and I used to work beside him in Belgium at another company 6 years ago both in different roles. Had some good nights out in Wan Chai HK a cople of weeks ago till 4 in the morning - a new regime

    My immediate boss also left so I report directly to VP now

    As for me I was laid up for almost two months - slipped a disc in my neck at C5/C6 which trapped the nerve root at C5 causing paralysis in my right arm - a lot better now but still do not have full movement - learning to wank again was marvelous.

    MBA coursework all finished and passed with an average of 65.5%. Not started my dissertation though which is due for October first week - need to get a move on but now know what i am writing about and can do it at work.

    Travelling a lot more - going to Thailand monthly, China soon then Belgium then Oz over next couple of months

    I have been reading and lurking - nothing much changes and it is still one of the funniest boards i read - even sometimes when its not meant to be funny.

    I might even try to make it to Sunderland in November, not been up for over 3 years and have a meeting in Belgium then so could fly up from Amsterdam.
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  12. Re: Mods:

    Welcome back Harry !! Will be down Singapore later this year.
  13. Harrys

    Harrys Guest

    Re: Mods:

    Give me a shout then - we can have a night on the town ;)

    First week and last week September i am out of town but after that nothing fixed.
  14. Dogbark

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    Re: Mods:

    It would be fab if you could blog all your adventures for us :)
  15. Harrys

    Harrys Guest

    Re: Mods:

    Apart from Thailand these are business trips - I generally do not get far from the hotel and office.

    What happens in Thailand should stay in Thailand :oops:
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    Re: Mods:

  17. monolithic baby

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    is it worth reading the 42 pages then?
  18. Harrys

    Harrys Guest

    I didn't bother :-D
  19. not spavin

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    We don't take latecomers, you lazy devil.
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  20. Re: Mods:


    Fair play to you! :lol: that just about puts to bed one of the greatest threads on here this year!
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