It will be interesting at work tomorrow

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Harrys, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. Harrys

    Harrys Guest

    Last thing on Friday I was pulled ut of a meeting to hear an announcement.

    My VP is leaving and a replacement is starting in April. They do not take prisoners at that level and this must have been planned for a while in order for a replacement to be found with the experience and knowledge needed.

    There were women crying and others looking shocked.
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  2. Daddyo

    Daddyo Striker

  3. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    railways must all be finished then....

    you in for promotion or the bullet the harry?
  4. FunkyIguana

    FunkyIguana Winger

    EDIT: wrong thread.
  5. Harrys

    Harrys Guest

    As I type this I can see the railway those poor bugger would have travelled up to Thailand on :oops:

    I am keeping my head down and delivering my projects :eek:

    We will have to see what the new guy wants but I will miss the old guy - he was a bit eccentric but a lovely person and this will be killing him. When I was deciding which job to take I met up with him in Bangkok and he wrote on the back of an envelope the calculations of my salary in Singapore less tax and in the UK with another company. He handed it to me and said, "Remember this job is in Asia" which was the deal maker.

    The IT Director told my boss recently he has a job for me on his team at HQ if she could not find me work I wanted to do and was getting bored but I really do not want to move back to Belgium and want to stay in Asia.

    Our business unit is supposed to be tripling revenues globally from 2.5 billion GBP to 7.5 billion between now and 2015 with the Asia region being a big part of that - they must want someone more business rather than science focused at VP is my guess.
  6. Fascinating.
  7. Davyred

    Davyred Striker

    I'll make sure I pass that info on to the lads at the dole when I sign on on Tuesday.
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  8. fucking hell :lol:
  9. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    You're just an asian greedminds.
  10. at least greedminds' stories had celebrities.
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  11. Medulla

    Medulla Striker

    Lonely out there, is it? ;)
  12. I cant wait to see what happens next
  13. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    Are ther any updates yet? I'm on the edge of my seat here.
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  14. Arrr Jim Lad

    Arrr Jim Lad Guest

    Somebody phone and fetch a burger van here to keep the hordes from getting restless.
  15. The Nude Monk

    The Nude Monk Midfield

    There's a tear in my eye reading through the story, like marra.

    Any rumours on who the replacement might be? Don't think I can wait until April to find out marra.
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  16. JimmyMonty73

    JimmyMonty73 Guest

    Seen Mr Ming Dynasty outside of Seaham Hall last night - mebbes he is the new man?
  17. Mr Creosote

    Mr Creosote Guest

    ignore them mate....lot of jealousy on this board

    you had the guts to `get on your bike` and make a big break, which many on here wouldn`t.

    good luck, and hope your job is safe
  18. JimmyMonty73

    JimmyMonty73 Guest

    :lol: No ones jealous just why tell us all about his specific work business that no one gives a fuck about?
  19. heroes of 73

    heroes of 73 Guest

    Right said thread?


    yee after a job out there like:)
  20. Davyred

    Davyred Striker

    You're not his VP's replacement are you?
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