IT chapter 2


Central Defender
Would this be worth seeing if I've not seen part 1? have watched the 1990 film a few times as a youngster
Nope, they refer to the 1st film loads and rely on relentless sentimental scenes as a form of entertainment which is meaningless unless you’ve seen the first.

Thought the first film was okay, Chaper Two is just a bit silly.
There's a fundamental challenge with the source novel that a) it's over 1100 pages long and b) the second half where the adults come back to town and face their tormentor is nowhere near the first half when the kids are being terrorised.

Of course they were going to remake the story because apart from Tim Curry as Pennywise the old miniseries wasn't very good. They made the first film really good by focusing on the kids, but it was inevitable that there would be a sequel and equally inevitable that the same problems would make part 2 not as good and too long