Isolation drinking


I'm not used to staying indoors... I work outside ... I exercise outside... Sometimes 16 hrs a day.. But I have got used to this pretty quick... Wash yer hands and don't go out.. It's to keep us all safe ... Miss my grand kids but it will be over sometime... Then it's the the big party... Hopefully...
I'll be drinking grapefruit and cranberry juice later. The grapefruit is full of vitamins A and C and gives the immune system a good boost. It also has triglycerides that can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Cranberries are also high in vitamin C and E which are antioxidants, as well as proanthocyanidins which can be an inhibitor to infection. The vodka is just in there to help the juices mix together better.

Fred Basset

Got captured by the mrs. while I was having a 'livener' at 09:30am. I am quite deeply in the doghouse now thank you, and have no desire to make things worse by opening a nice red.
Amature. Got away with mine marra. Mrs thinks that 'I have just woken up' to too many last night. Perfect crime.🍻


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Got a bottle of dead man's fingers in before the isolation which Is a cornish rum.
First time i tried it the other night and nearly done the bottle which was not intended, best I've tried so far. Trying another one tonight called the duppy share.
Got some punk ipa, some oat cream ipa, lager, vodka.
Won't start til later as I'm driving soon.
Have you all panic stocked booze or are daily trips to the offie considered essential travel?
Only an amateur wouldn't have some in the house anyway.
But then buying it when out getting other essential items is a good way to hide your true intentions.
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Have you all panic stocked booze or are daily trips to the offie considered essential travel?
Always have shit loads of drink in, the missus being a wine fiend and all that. But been getting deliveries from Town Mouse, before they stopped, and Tiny Rebel. Whisky stash is still in good numbers.
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