Isolation drinking

Storm trooping through the whisky.

Seen that waffle one. On the site from Weds apparently. Sounds delish. Few more offerings anarl. Card will be getting hammered.

No chance. Northern Monk first did Peanutt butter and Jelly and they were amazing. I spent 120 notes on an order :lol:
Should try Crunch by Hammerton. Peanut butter milk stout, it's first rate.



I'm on the Lagunitas IPA. Me local is bottling it up off the pump as a takeaway. It's canny nice and hoppy a bit like proper job.


Full Back
Had three bottles then a nap and then onto it again. 8 bottles in now.
Still going me like
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Got stuck right in today.
Dominating a box of stella. Got it pinned right back in its defensive third. Long throws, winning every 50 50. Stella got no chance. Totally Pulised it.
Sold out! Probably for the best though as I should do same as you. Got a firebrand brewery coming tomorrow and slow joe coming on Tuesday

They're back.