Isolation drinking


I’m sticking the usual marra , never lets me down
Kick off with a nice chilled lager , probs San Miguel followed keenly by a nice chilled vino & some nibbles
Sounds nice apart from Sam Miguel is gross. I’d swap that out for a different lager personally.

Slice of lime on top?
Nah, often getting amongst Guinness on an afternoon so no real difference marra.
Perhaps. I find Guinness makes a good session


Having a few IPAs watching the football, a bit rough after a lockdown date with Mrs X last night. She's currently asleep.

I've been off work this week and have drank every day. Que sera.


Got a 36 pint pin of Salopian Paper Planes on the go for over the weekend. Also got a 2 litre growler of Left Handed Giant Deeper Waters milk stout, glad there is an extra day to get thru it!