Is Watford the most Northern quick getaway point?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by houghton cut head, May 18, 2019.

  1. looking to do Wembley and back in a day, and did Watford V Charlton last time around. Is this the easiest place north of Wembley for a swift trip home, or is there anywhere even a bit further North worth doing?
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    Worst thread ever
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  3. Try Stanmore, you park on someone’s drive for around £15 for the day and it’s 10 minutes to Wembley Park on the Jubilee Line. It’s easy access to the A1 and M1.
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    I did Luton for the checkatrader...train or coach in London from the airport...5 mins and you can be on the M1
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    Why pay when you can park most places in the burbs for free.
    You can even park in central London for free on Sundays.
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    I did Stanmore last time, pre booked in the station car park. A bit busy to get out but overall worked a treat and easy back in the A1 or M1.
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  7. Watford and M25 is a nightmare. Did that after the league cup.
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    I’m not advocating this as it sounds a right fuck on to me and I’m not convinced the bike would be there waiting :lol: but anyway worked in Manchester a while ago and remember we were talking about Wembley reopening at the time and the Man U fans were moaning about the hassle it was getting in and out.

    Anyway this one bloke swore by bringing his bike down in the car and parking near the end of the north circular and then cycling to Wembley and chaining his bike up somewhere walking distance away. Reckoned after the match it was a piece of piss as he just ran back to his bike, a quick cycle back to the car with no messing about waiting for tubes or trains then straight onto the M1 and away.
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    Good idea actually :lol:
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    Eh? Where did you come from? Why did you hit the M25 to get to or from Watford?
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    I'm parking up at Watford underground station, which is less than 30 minutes; by tube to Wembley Park.

    Worked great the other month for easy journey down and quick get away after the game.
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    I’ll say it again

    Howberry Road by Canons Park tube

    Piece of piss
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    Is parking guaranteed around there or d'you need to book?
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    Loads of free street parking on Sundays, unless things have changed since March.

    In any event, the car park at the station is only £3 for the day:

    Watford Station (LUL)
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  15. I’m staying 2 nights and it’s a guaranteed place rather than looking about. I didn’t know Sunday’s were free mind. I wouldn’t like to leave it to chance when there’s potentially 5 groups of supporters looking to park, and on a bank holiday weekend.
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    This obsession with getting away early from the / any match is a strange one in my eyes .
    Just accept the fact that it will take a bit of time to get to your car or train. And accept that the roads will be busy .
    Why not stay to applaud the players , even celebrate the win ?
    It’s like the early leavers , is that few minutes gained so important?
    Chill out and enjoy the day , yes make it as easy as possible or do what suits you , but just go with the flow and relax , we are at Wembley!
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    First time I did Wembley I stayed at the Premier Inn in Edgware, It's a 20 min walk round to Canon's Park and about 5 stops on the tube to Wembley
    IIRC the PI at Edgware is 5 mins off the M1
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    15 quid :eek::lol:.
  19. It’s costing me £14.60 for this

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  20. Hoy in a bit breaststroke (!) somewhere along the way & you might just have invented a new triathlon there, marra.

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