Is Ronnie O'Sullivan making a good point?


Cracking player but loves the attention.
If he wants to quit then quit. Snooker will move on like everything else.
He’s not packing in anytime soon. Those comments were made a canny while ago. His performance this afternoon was a mixture of genius and incompetence.


It's semi-valid one I don't know about good. I've met Ronnie and he is very much a knob. All I read in to this statement is that he thinks he is/wants to be thought of as the greatest English/British sportsmen of the current age and there's a bit of the old green-eyed monster coming out, either that or he's a nazi/racist.
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The Albanian

Hamilton can only dream of being the sportsman Ronnie is.

In his wildest dreams he couldn’t even begin to compare his ability to Ronnie


If the cars are not created equal then obviously the better cars will give those drivers an advantage.

If all the cars were exactly the same...would Hamilton still win?
Nobody knows, I think young Verstappen and Leclerc/Albon would certainly have a big shout


Mercedes were shit when he left McLaren for them, he took a lot of stick for that decisions and it's paid off. Fair play.
They were shit but they were massively ahead with the development of the new power units for the new regs. That's why Lewis joined them.