is jack ross a highly pragmatic football manager

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Vernon, Feb 11, 2019.

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    I think there’s an element of this. It’s almost like it’s easier to just switch personnel rather than fix the issue with the way we are playing.
  3. Its Him Again

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    Serious question when was the last time we played really well ?
  4. People criticised him earlier in the season for being too attack minded!
  5. Richy Fingers

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    They were critising set-pieces last week. Now Dunne's scored off a corner they've switched to tactics.

    Next week: Throw-ins!
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    I really like him, and he has the potential to do great things here. Seems at the minute he’s scared of losing. Earlier in the season he attacked and it worked. Hope the pressure hasn’t got to him.
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    Not daft at all, I've mentioned it on other threads. Luto have used 20 players, we've used 28.
  8. Charlton away first half, we were excellent. Ross then proceeded to never try that setup and personnel again.
  9. Anti-style more like.
  10. We need more high IQ takes on the forum, otherwise we'll end with up with the typical outrage we see after every draw.

    His accomplishments with St Mirren suggest there is a good cerebral approach to his tactical awareness when faced with lower level opposition. Listening to his interactions with the press he is clearly a clever bloke.

    That said we should appreciate we are not St Mirren, this is a new level for him and eventually he will hit a ceiling. That ceiling could be League One or it could be the Premiership, have faith, he has a bunch of new players to integrate and we are still in the running for promotion. I am fully behind the manager.
  11. Windypants

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    Our performances have changed dramatically because everyone knows how to play against us. The only times we've looked good are when teams have tried to play against us, rather than scrapping with us. It's interesting that, when we played Charlton, for the second half they switched from trying to play ( which had seen us be much the better side) to hoofing long balls and scrapping (and nearly nicking it).
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    I'll take a manager with a 53.8 win % with us.

    Only lost 4 in 39 games as our manager.

    We have a top young manager imo and we need to trust him.
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  13. Dodgy

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    Against Everton, under Allardyce.
  14. Agreed. Posted myself.
    Get nine men behind the ball, leave a big lump up front. When an attack breaks down launch the ball to said lump.
    Wait for the defensive mistake.

    Two sitting midfielders will never stop us conceding these type of goals.
    Plus we really need Wyke to hit form. McGeady put brilliant balls into the box first half on Saturday. But our midgets challenged none of them. Even when played in hard and low. Reckon Dunne would have been a better option up front as he showed he can win headers. Any good target man would have benefited from the service given imo.
  15. joemcdokes

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    All football managers we have had in the recent past play exactly the same way.

    It’s frustrating to watch, we lose the ball far too much in wide areas, hardly ever do much in central areas and cling on to leads.

    Rinse and repeat, it’s just at this level you don’t get punished as much and we have a very good goalkeeper.
  16. Forty

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    We are currently averging 2 points a game, very hard to beat. Just start turning the draws into wins.
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  17. Windypants

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    I have no idea if this is the case, but, offer it up as a possible scenario... JR identified the need for a more physical, athletic midfielder, but, having looked, couldn't find a player he liked the look of that was in our price range, so, rather than getting (another) someone that we might end up having to look to replace in the Summer, opted to muddle through with the addition of Leadbitter, who, although similar to what we have, offers footballing quality, if not an athletically physical presence, for buttons.
  18. Its Him Again

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    With us we seem to play better when we have a limited squad to choose from
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  19. parm

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    that inability to convert could well cost us a top 2 place , which given our resources would be a scandal
  20. thecloughywobble

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    I think there might be something in this. As I recall it (but my memory isn't infallible!), one of our best teams in recent memory (Reid's) came about partly by happy accident when several players who were first choice became unavailable. They were struggling a bit before that. Luck played a significant role. Mind, once Reid hit on that formula (however it arose) he stuck with it whenever he could. There are so many variables involved in each single match, it's impossible to cover them all. Like Napoleon, I'll take a nice chunk of good luck any day!
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